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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bakuteh + Splashing fun + Tsunami movie (25/09/2009)

Sean and jc
pei ling and sharon

our ba kut teh meal =D

keng sou.. mai tan.. haha

here we are.. WET WORLD =D

before getting WET.. ^^

oppsss..... hahaha

our wrist band ^^

goin back time.. at wet world

in the cinema ^^

View of KLCC tower.. nice hor.. =D

Another fun day out.. =D
Sharon,jc,sean and pei ling went to eat ba ku teh for breakfast around my house area at taman sentosa (ah meng ba ku teh).. then.. reach wet world around 11am.. although kinda childish.. but all of us have fun though.. ^^ poor pei ling and sean.. both dunno how to swim de.. kaka.. but its okla.. coz the water level higest is at 0.92m only.. >.<" later on, all of us cleaned up and get changed.. start our journey to KL around 4pm.. we were turning and turning and turning around KL!! wit our starving stomach.. coz we are LOST!! >.<"" haihh.. wat to do.. KL so big wor.. we not always go there wet de.. but.. at last we reached Suria KLCC there.. almost 6pm plus.. after ate our dinner at food court.. went to watch 9.40pm tsunami movie.. the movie so touching and sad leh.. funny also got la.. but cried like hell lo.. T.T went back around 12am plus.. jc drop sharon first.. then pei ling then sean.. ^^
hmm.. although get dark.. get sunburn.. although sean and jc keep scolded "TUT" by pei ling and sharon.. cried like hell for the movie.. but we did enjoyed our day.. :)

Location: Ah Meng BaKuTeh, Tmn Sentosa + Wet world, Shah Alam + Suria KLCC, KL

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