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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"A cute story"

I have a friend called Desmond.. He had joined our college's Toastmasters Club recently.. and today he had his first speech. I felt proud of him and i totally love the story that he prepared for his first speech. Even Mr.Victor and Mathew also said that he and Vincent were really good and have talent. He don't let me to post this speech actually.. but.. nvm la.. i just wanna share only ma.. U guys sure will love it.. ^^ Here's his speech :
Good evening fellow toastmasters and friends. Let me tell you a story about a boy that was born in August 21st 1991 with curly hair, big eyes and good looking figure. He is currently 18 years old and furthering his higher education studies in HICT, Klang. Yes, I’m the boy with the curly hair, big eyes and good looking guy, in front of you all. Just want to share some experiences with you all. Do you still remember what you have done in the first day of kindergarten? I remember mine. It was 7 in the morning and I was about to go a kindergarten called ‘Jingle Bell’. As soon as I arrived, I cried. Things got worse when I enter the classroom, my headmistress actually catch me to prevent me from running out of the class. In the process of trying to escape, I accidently scratch her leg and the skin peels off. She screams in pain and shouted at me, “Look, what have you done to my leg?” Thinking back really makes me laugh still. Another one happened when I was in primary school. Every student of standard one needs to take an injection during that time and I was really afraid. Actually, everything went well until my friend whom stands in front of me, took his shot. When the doctor inserts the needle into his right hand, he yelled with all his might and everyone was shocked including me. Once my turn comes and rewinding what had happen just now, I actually ran away from the doctor and the teachers chasing me all around the school. At the end of the day, I didn’t take the shoot and my parents have to send me to the general clinic to take the shot. Back to the year 2005 when I was in form 2, we used to have computer class in the morning. It was a boring class and we don’t understand what the teacher teaches. One day, we decided to skip that class and went to the opposite road cyber cafes. All of us really enjoy ourselves until a few policemen came in. All of us were petrified and panic. The policemen ask for our identical card and many thoughts struck into my mind. What if I was arrested? What if I was send to police station? The fear in me totally overwhelms my whole body. A few moments later, the police gave back our identical card and say ‘Please don’t skip school’. We were relieved once we heard that, and we told the policemen that we were in the afternoon session school. All of us had learned a valuable lesson. (Pause) Just to share with everyone, treasure all these experiences and you might not know how it would help you one day. Thank you.

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