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Friday, September 11, 2009

My sweet 18 =D (08-09-2009)

My birthday cake :D

All of my birthday present :D
HICT College- 
I went to college as usual… Some did wish me.. desmond was the first who wished my birthday by shaking hand with me.. and some “pretend not to wish me”.. hor Cheryl?? =p Haha..

To Jusco-

After mkt class, Jc pick PL, Sharon and Sean to jusco.. so coincidencely, we met Mr.victor, Owais, Martyn, Alex, Grace and Lynda in a car park just beside jc’s car.. they say they came for a “movie”.. later on, abu came.. actually all of them came to eat together with all of us.. haha.. then..

BBQ Plaza-
the first part of the celebration held there.. all of them sang birthday song and mr.victor keep say that I’m 16 years old!! I’m already officially 18 la sir.. Sharon then gave me a card that she drew herself. .err.. wen I receive it.. not to say disappointed la.. but… really a bit disappointed also la.. so bad lo u all.. play me like this.. haha..

To my house- Around 10pm.. Sharon and her “drama” begin.. she said her mom wants her to be back home now.. hence..

At my house-
Jc drop me home first.. then sharon say wanna go in to pee.. actually I felt weird ady.. coz I saw a Myvi car outside my house.. I suspected it was either Soya or Meng loon’s car.. haha.. but then.. don’t care.. in we go.. wen I open the door.. ntg happen.. ok.. cool.. suddenly, Sharon shouted at the kitchen!! “WORM!!’ omg.. I was like.. WTH?? I went to the kitchen and to the bathroom.. “SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEI LING!!” Omg!!.. Munna, Zac, Jasmine, Cheryl, and Chee shyang was hiding there.. I was like WTH?!.. so damn surprise.. I ran behind the TV cupboard at the living room.. trying to hide my face from them.. but.. omg.. Desmond and Soya was hiding there.. What the….. haha.. and the second part of the celebration begins.. a big secret recipe cake came out written “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. LINGLING.. OFFICIALLY 18” sang along with birthday song once again.. haha.. all of them even bought me a very huge teddy bear.. thanx.. love it.. ^^ then Sharon gave me a box.. there’s a lot of colourful card in it.. contains lots of wishes from all my freinds.. staffs.. thanks guys.. love ya.. =) there is also a portrait of my picture from my Sean... although I just met him for 3 times.. nice drawing Sean.. hugsss.. ^^ thanks for ur song too.. [ps : nex time pls look at me ya when u sing..] haha.. not to forget.. thanks to my foundation friend JC too.. he gave me various of things.. there’s a piano music box.. lollipop and also Ferrero Rocher chocolate.. so sweet of u.. =) also to my lovely dear Cheryl.. she gave me a cute bear.. muax... of coz last but not least.. Owais Kazi!! thanks for your chocolate walnut cake.. ^^

To Fairies Café-
After all left.. PL, Cheryl, Chee Syhang, Desmond , Meng Loon and Soy a went to Fairies Cafe lim teh.. very nice place.. like wedding shop.. haha.. open not long only.. just a few weeks if I’m not mistaken.. [promoting the shop.. no commission wan lo.. haha.. ]

I’m so touched for what all of u did for me guys.. really thanks a lot... especially to SHARON.. who really did a lot of hard work.. asking for those wishes and signature from everyone.. thanks for planning a great birthday celebration for me guys.. thanks a lot to my sister too for opening the DOOR for them.. if not all of them can’t go in my house also.. haha.. hugsss and kisses for u guys.. muax.. muax… =D

Location: HICT College, Jusco Bkt Tinggi, Pei Ling's house + Fairies Cafe

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