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Monday, September 28, 2009

Tonite is NOT gonna be a good nite.. 27/09/09

Tomorrow college life will begin as usual... life still have to go on rite.. later i will be busy like hell with all those assignments.. research paper.. and lots more.. final exam coming soon summore leh... yala.. short sem ma.. all need to rush rush rush.. in my head.. marketing is half blur wan lo.. sei lo.. this month cannot always go out play ady.. need to focus on exam jor.. if not later give some ppl lecture again.. but nvm la.. need to appreciate the time that we got.. after this maybe u will miss his lecture summore.. hmm.. yesterday till today.. really felt so moody... really hate this feeling.. "Hate that i love you so" ?? wendy asked me.. hate who? lol.. i told her it was just a song title.. but i dunno.. dunno i simply write leh.. or really got meaning de... >.<
y pei ling y? cheer up man... come on la.. hmm.. today many ppl moody.. sean lo.. i chat wit him at his status.. he say he tired.. then confused.. i asked him why.. but he say cannot tell.. then i also dun wanna ask many ady lo... but then.. just felt bad of him lo.. later on.. i realised.. hazel also moody jor.. why so ngam geh? hmm.. i tried to cheer her up.. then she share her problem with me.. we chat at facebook there lo... she told me that she moody coz of a guy named Jeff.. hmm... she also one sor po de la.. being to harsh ady lo... but i realised that her characteristic almost same like me leh.. ego.. thick face.. won't make a move unless the person make a move first... this condition make me remember when i fought wit a fren of mine during secondary sch time.. although we met each other.. pass by.. but we didnt talk to each other.. and its been almost A YEAR!! omg.. can u juz imagine how ego were we?? but then.. dunno y.. after so long.. he send me msg.. then we became frens like last time.. haha.. and i'm glad.. ^^ opss.. out of topic ady.. erm.. yalo.. thats all lo.. after she told me everthing.. then she ask about me... coz i also write at my status that i felt so bad lo.. i told her.. she say i like the guy that i felt bad for.. am i? hmm.. i cant tell... other then hazel.. sean.. then comes to sharon.. she say she feel so stress.. then suddenly heart feel pain.. lol.. tot wat happen to her la.. yuan lai she felt too cold.. i give her zha dao.. boom.. lol.. but then, she was okay though..
nowadays.. i felt so lazy to play facebook de game.. i stop playing fish world ady.. currently active in playing ffs, rc and cs only.. facebook u better do something.. haha.. then i dunno y suddenly get so addicted wit the movie "Secret" by Jay Chou de.. since i dun hav the dvd.. so hav to watch it at youtube only lo.. so geng lo they play the piano.. i wish i could play like them.. but i know i cant.. wuwu~~ its 2am ady.. i tink i better get to bed now.. if not 2mr cannot wake up again.. got meeting at 10am summore.. if i didn go sure desmond they all will kill me!! lol.. off me go.. nitezz..

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