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Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheryl was here 15.10.09

Cheryl came to my house today..
to do presentation slide coz she say her house de pc.. don't have the power point..
so around 9pm she came lo.. while waiting for my laptop to get update..
she play piano.. damn nice lo.. coz she got sing together also..
she had an amazing voice.. it was awesome =)
so coincidencely sharon went to charmine's house this afternoon...
i missed it.. i didn go to college ma... sharon said charmine plays piano and sing very very well... oh... i wish i was there too.. hmm.. >.<""
11.30pm like that parents and bro came home.. haha.. shock wen they saw cheryl's car park inside my house.. hehe.. then.. instead of doin slide.. both of us do many thing..
we chat at msn.. play web cam with many ppl.. haha.. facebookin.. see pictures.. eat fruits.. haha
but we got do also la.. she stay up till midnite..
then too late d.. so decided to stay at my house one night lo.. slept at 6am... cheryl wake me up at 8am.. haha.. i got two presentation man!! english and marketing... phewwwwww..... god bless me... XD

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