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Monday, October 19, 2009

Deepavali crazyness xD

17 .10.2009 (Saturday)
-Suddenly carmen gave me a call.. say priya invite us to her house for dinner.. haha.. then i was like.. ok la.. since i so free.. hehe.. went there around 8.30pm.. met her.. her family all.. still the same face lo.. haha.. pei ling start to take pictures as usual.. haha.. few minutes later, shathis and ram then came.. haha.. so long didn see them ady.. but.. haven't change la.. ram got back his hair jor.. he was botak.. i mean bald coz he went for NS.. haha.. then we ate little bit lo.. give face ma.. besides.. i haven't take my dinner yet.. so bit hungry.. kaka.. tmr still got another round at pn.vanitha's house... hehe.... xD

18.10.2009 (Sunday)
-Went to Pn.Vanitha's house as planned.. my sis and i follow janete's car.. haha.. quite number of 5A's that attend that day.. me lo.. carmen.. ee jia.. janete.. priya.. ewe jin.. kok tong.. andrew.. dhanesh.. shathis.. ram.. cornelius.. amarul.. and saleh.. whye loon was suppose to come but he couldn't make it.. coz he got thing to do.. ikin and sasi still at their campus lo.. can't make it also.. wuwu~~ Pn.Vanitha's rendang is super delicious man.. i eat 2 round summore... haha.. took quite a lot of pictures also.. haha.. after that.. me, ee jia, janete, kiat er, pei jun and jin hong went to AEON Bukit tinggi for movie.. until there then we decide to watch CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS... 6 of us.. we seperate 2-2-2.. coz no more seats available.. >.<>only.. but still can make me cry.. swt la.. =.=" maybe is i too emotional ady la.. haha...
Actually today hazel asked me out also.. coz she come to klang.. but.. i can't make it lo.. sorry ya sor po.. ^^ but i think enjoyed her day also la coz she said sean bring her go out.. with her god sister also.. then ok la.. still got chance de ma.. nex time oni go out with u lo.. ^^
After came back from movie.. i took a lot a lot of pictures.... lol.. first.. i ss lo.. then i take fansign pictures for sharon, cheryl and kezvin.. as i promised to do for them.. haha.. then.. take picture with pei jun again.. kaka.. dunno how many pictures i took.. lolz.. but.. it was fun.. i love taking pictures.. xD

24.10.2009 (Saturday)
-hahaha.... this is super duper late de update.. 5 days after.. lazy leh.. summore exam ma.. so.. hehe.. so as for last and my frens went for another fren's house.. selvi... so long didn see her jor.. i tink last time is wen take spm result time.. haha.. she became so pretty lo.. go do hair summore d.. haha... anyway.. she studied at NILAI College.. taking dunno wat medical course d.. hehe.. those hu came.. pei ling lo.. my bro and sis of coz.. then carmen.. ee jia.. ewe jin..andrew.. corny.. and.. that's all lo.. ><
haha... ate cookies. muruku.. drinks.. all as usual.. eat rice also.. took pic.. ^^

[status: lazy to upload picture.. coz too many jor.. haha.. wanna see?? check it out at my facebook profile lo.. XD]

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