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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hair cut (05.10.09)

This morning.. went to college as usual.. although no class.. but.. haha.. college is like my 2nd home ma.. and marketing is my 2nd room.. lol.. actually went to accompany sharon.. she got class at 10am till 12pm.. i reached there b4 10am.. saw she haven't come yet.. then waited for her.. 10am pass d.. but she still haven't come.. i felt boring d.. then went into marketing.. do ntg.. wat can i do? wandering around.. go to alex's place.. jessie's place.. disturb jonathan.. online for a while.. chat with abu at fb.. i told him bout sharon.. and he help me to call her since my hp expired jor.. haha.. guess what? sharon is sleeping at home!! OMG.. what i wanna do now? i felt so damn sleepy.. feel wanna go home and sleep.. then i called mummy.. ask her to come and pick me up.. when i was chatting with abu time.. he say he cut his hair jor.. then ask me to cut mine also... i also wanna cut long time ago d.. my fringe damn long.. pek cek >.<" since i still got time.. then i try to ask mummy whether she wanna bring me to saloon bo lo.. i use alex de hp sms to her.. after she pick my sister, she came and fetch me.. then brought both of us to saloon.. haha.. finally.. i wanna dye my hair back again.. but she say my hair still got colour.. then.. i listen to her lo.. i think need to wait till next CNY d la.. hmm.. well... then.. changed my fringe hairstyle.. currently lazy to take picture.. dunno why.. but just not in the right mood.. hm.. but i will upload it to facebook ASAP... below this is a few pictures when we were at saloon justnow.. ^^

before treatment..

after treatment..

fringe damn long.. >.<"

straightening hair..

like ghost.. haha..

2nd time treament

kakaka... XD

wat's so funny? haha.. 2 ppl blowing my hair leh.. hehe..

before cut fringe...

muka sien... haha

straightening hair also..

she laugh coz aunty keep say dun snap her picture.. haha

2nd time treatment..

while waiting hair to be wash.. haha..

waa.. straight jor wor.. haha

look at my hair.. XD

wait mummy come till fall asleep.. haha

Today.. msn game with cy again.. play reversi and checkers.. he keep win me de leh.. @@
i almost win wan lo the reversi.. but at last he beat me with 4 points.. haihh.. then the checkers.. he purposely give me win.. haha.. but i still owe him a 500ml 100 plus.. @@ juz received a sms from desmond.. 2mr marketing meeting at 12pm.. better get to sleep now.. getting sleepy ady also.. haha.. toodles.. ^^

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