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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hang out with Ethan 12.10.09

As planned.. today i went to sunway pyramid with ethan.. mummy send me to college first.. coz ethan dunno the way to my house.. so i wait him at college first lo.. he send me to bukit tinggi to take my laptop first.. then have to send it back to my house.. then only we proceed to sunway.. haha.. but ok la.. sun lu ma... i show him the kesas way.. through bandar puteri there.. he keep make me laugh lo all the way in the car.. omg.. the way he talk... laugh.. act.. all almost same like ah loon lo.. haha.. he say ah loon from COCK FM.. then i ask "wer do u from then?" he replied : "me? i'm the cock fm's dj la!!" haha.. so tut la him.. lol.. XD he told me a story also.. i give him zha dao lo.. say it was a cute story.. mana tau... lol.. i sure will tell to sharon 2mr... hahaha... wen we reach there d.. we went to buy movie ticket.. watch SURROGATES.. pity him.. coz he watch before ady.. but no choice.. coz dunno wanna watch wat movie ady.. cant watch sorority row coz watching it this wed.. haha.. after that then went to PASTA ZANMAI for our lunch.. pity him de lo.. i was too choosy.. dunno wat to eat.. we walk round and round and round.. at last went back to pasta zanmai.. haha..

my fruit tea juice... VERY NICE ^^

see... so many fruit de.. hahaha...

ethan's green tea ice.. so big.. ==

our meal.. his one was below [CHICKEN KATSU] and
mine was above [TORI KARAAGE TO GARLIC RICE].. ^^

pity him.. wanna eat peacefully also cannot.. haha

i cannot finish my meal.. he sapu all.. haha.. XD

After eat.. went to watson.. he wanna buy TOOTHBRUSH.. == hahaha... XD then we still got 10 minutes b4 our movie start.. play 1 round racing car.. haha.. surrogate movie was awesome man.. a must to watch.. ^^ how nice if real world like that? hahaha... after movie.. we go walk walk lo.. walk till my leg pain.. T.T then peace called.. talk quite long also.. i even introduce him to ethan.. hahaha... then at 2% shop.. i saw a black shirt.. damn sexy and nice.. both side of the shirt was open.. means.. can see inside de.. so need to wear tube inside la.. haha.. but the price was.. OMG!! RM118 leh!!!.. walao wei.. i wer got bring so much money oo.. haha.. nvm la.. wuwu.. T.T wait ppl buy for me.. hahaha.. wait in dream got la.. kaka.. XD after walk for a while.. then he send me home lo.. reached home around 7.30pm.. life continue as usual.. i didn take my dinner..coz.. lazy.. haha.. went online.. till now lo.. ^^ download watever my laptop needs.. updates and so so.. pek cek coz msn keep troubleshoot.. T.T cook porridge with sharon again justnow.. she seems to be emo today.. felt stress.. she even cried.. pity her oo.. hmm.. but.. life still have to go on rite? cheer up ba girl.. ^^

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