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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy :D [26.10.2009]

Today many happy thing happen lo... First 2nd semester exam over jor... yippie.. ^^ English exam was on the friday.. 23.10.09 well.. for me.. not so hard lo.. i can understan everything.. but dunno correct or not.. haihh.. then essay was about science and technology de question.. i write till 4 page leh... hahaha... erm.. then marketing was on the monday.. 26.10.09
damn.. this one was challenging.. Mr.Victor "TRUST" us.. i hope i wont dissapoint him.. i already tried my best.. hmm.. two days b4.. i was writing short notes till 6am!! omg... then the day b4.. i memorize like hell... i was alone at house.. purposely dun wan follow family go out.. good leh... hahaha.. but msn and facebook got on also la.. but i got focus de lo.. XD well..then exam was not bad la.. most of the MCQ question are from our quiz.. then the essay part.. i wrote whatever that i know and remember.. haha.. the second one.. i was reset again by Elaine.. a girl that i dunno... but Kezvin planned everything for me.. haha.. then he remax me back to 3B lo.. yee.. ^^ i was suprised also coz wen i log into my fb.. i saw my ffs value changed ady.. then i know kezvin is bz maxing me up to 3B value.. hahaha... and guess wat? my cash value after being maxed up to 3B was $3,793,426,171 !!! OMG... i can see but cannot touch.. T.T coz later nid to reset back the girl who reseted me.. we trade reset ma.. haha.. and my current value till now was $3,051,153,458.. Thanks to Kezvin for maxing me up for the 2nd time till 3B value.. muax.. muax.. love u so much.. hahaha.. sei lo.. later ur gf kill me.. hahaha.. ffs nia la.. no offense.. lol.. XD then.. 2nd person to be reset is teoh cha.. sharon use vincent's account to reset him.. later on.. sharon's turn to reset hazel.. coz previously hazel reset sean which is my maxed pet that time.. then sean reset sharon.. so it's time for sharon to pay back.. haha.. exam over.. now many thing to prepare for HALLOWEEN NIGHT lo... XD

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