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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mooncake festival (03.10.09)

Happy mid-autumn festival to everyone.. ^^ this year me and my brother went to my aunty house to celebrate.. ya.. only me and my brother... coz my sister went to camp last friday.. that's why she can't join us this year.. well.. as for my parents... same la.. they went to sing K at their centre.. my siblings and i really use to it d la.. haha.. btw.. i didn go there so long d.. maybe later goin ba.. hmm.. my uncle bought kfc and pizza back.. besides us.. my grandma.. cousins.. and my uncle's relatives were there too.. so many small kids at there.. OMG.. i'm the eldest among all at there.. all of them is 10 years old and below.. @@ that's why i didn't play any lantern.. sob sob.. let them play lo.. haihh.. i juz spend my time online upstairs with my aunt's laptop.. celcom broadband.. damn slow.. play till pek cek d.. but.. While online.. i don't miss the opportunity to take some ss pictures.. since the mirror in the room so big.. the light so bright.. haha.. but a few only la.. check all the photos at my facebook profile.. ^^ :


pizza and gang.. lol

a bunch of small kids >.<"

very kiam siap.. dun wan share food with others..

askin food from mummy.. haha

so fierce.. =.="

she even bring her bowl werever she go.. XD

dun burn the house pls.. haha

good place to hang lantern.. haha

lonely de wu gui... haha
moreover... i saw a small cute ring on jia yuan's finger.. damn cute leh... i tried to take pic of it but failed.. at last.. with the help from my aunty and my grandma.. i manage to take 1 pic.. haha.. really damn cute.. haha...
Around 10pm plus.. my dad come and fetch my brother and me to the centre.. luckily i brought my laptop.. then my brother and i watch movie in the room.. firstly.. i got so many movie that i haven't see and i dunno which want to choose.. at last.. i choose the forest grump.. after 10 minutes.. i can't stand d.. so boring.. then i change to friday the 13th.. i dunno wats the story bout but i know its a thriller movie.. haha.. my brother started to scare.. and omg.. WTH.. came to the part where a girl show her boobs.. haha.. i quickly close the movie.. wat u expect? my brother only 10 years old leh!! haha.. finally.. we end up with enchanted.. XD a very nice movie.. i cried at the kissing part.. omg.. so romantic....T.T
today feel weird with all the guys... haha.. i post at my status.. here's the conversation of comment :
damn funny la.. at nite time leh.. 2 guy find me play msn game.. soya and cy.. too boring d them.. and i guess all their fren sleep d dat time.. 4am plus wor.. haha.. play sodoku with soya.. i was leading in the first place.. but he won me with a few points at last.. @@ cy leh.. he hor.. duno wat to say.. win me in so many game.. checkers.. then the scissors, paper, stone de.. he like can read my mind de.. keep lose.. swt la.. >.<" play with him till 5am.. walao.. haha.. anyway.. its dun fun also la... play msn game.. although childish and lame... kakaka.. :)

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