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Friday, October 16, 2009

Movie + Bamboo 14.10.09

Went to college as usual.. no class.. but hang around la.. actually got discussion de la.. but eat bakuteh till over time... so missed the discussion.. haha.. then at night.. waited ethan to come and pick me up at COLLEGE.. but.. he went all the way to my house at SENTOSA..
omg.. swt la... haha.. then abu pick me up first then only meet up at LUCKY 10 restaurant lo..
abu ethan and isaac eat nia.. they ordered spagetti mee.. yerr.. so many mayonis de.. i don't like.. >.<>
sharon and alex last minute say dont wanna go.. so find zac and jasmine replace lo.. so those who watch de leh are such as pei ling, cheryl, jasmine, zac, heng shen, isaac, abu and ethan..
ok la.. nice also la this movie.. i dunno shouted how many time.. as usual la.. haha.. pity ethan and abu sitting beside me de.. sorry la isaac.. first time watching movie with me a? i'm like this de lo.. sure give u some sound effect wan ma.. hehe... although not as awesome as orphan..that wan really xiao lo.. i watch till cry.. not coz touched or wat but too scare and scary.. lol
Then.. went to bamboo yam cha at bukit tinggi.. and of coz.. pei ling get crazy again with her "DARING GAME".. kakaka... XD besides that, of coz.. camwhoring.. get to see zac and jasmine kissed - lips to lips summore... so sweet lo they both... then.. cheryl did sang on the stage as well.. of coz.. we all play the DARE game again...hahaha... new experience for zac.. jasmine and isaac.. kakaka... goin back time.. coz nid to go different way.. so.. abu send isaac and jasmine home
ethan send me and zac home.. zac and jasmine kissed again b4 seperate.. aww.. so sweet.. :)
after send zac back, i reached home around 1am.. so scare daddy lock the door..
but luckily didn lock la.. hahaha.. another crazy game.. hope others have fun coz i do.. ^^

8 of us all together

the girls

the guys

xiao liao.. =.="

our drinks.. XD

cheryl on the stage..

pei ling and ethan..

love this.. :)

smile ^^

take 1

take 2

looking wat o??

close mouth,ear and eyes... >.< sweet... :)

all in this together..

goin back time.. ^^

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