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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Presentation + ASA interview + Deepavali BOOM

Today i got two presentation... omg omg... HELP!! actually b4 english one.. i was quite confident at first... i know what i suppose to talk and present about.. but wen i present time... i became very nervous and forget many details.. i did missed out a few points and i talk not so fluently.. oh god.. hope i will get good marks.. and adter that.. was marketing.. this was even worst as i thought.. becoz we didn even finish our slide and completed assignment bcoz we have't combine and edit evything together.. ricky even called me and vincent and kinda scolding us.. he called desmond at first.. but desmond didn bring his hp.. make him so frustrated and let it go on me and vincent.. >.<
watever.. we were ok at last.. i was suppose to do mission and objectives.. and talk about the executive summary.. but desmond told me no nid jor.. then i continue with my target market.. and let sharon present the mission and objectives which i believe is much more easier.. well.. we were the last group to present.. and i did my part.. infact.. i felt that i present better in this marketing compared to the previous english.. haha.. weird weird.. and the topic for my english presentation is " PREMARITAL SEX" while we hav to do a marketing plan on the movie 2012 for marketing 113.. after presentation.. pei ling, sharon, desmond and vincent went to McD to take our lunch..

3pm.. i have to go back to college to help dennie for the ASA interview.. I didn really help though.. haha.. was busying drawing "tattoo" for sharon.. haha.. its actually for my ffs wall fansign.. so ngam she wore mini skirt.. and show her pretty leg.. dats why i drew my name on her leg lo.. ^^haha.. everyone else also beh tahan us jor.. kaka.. we didn ss again as well.. since CMSD's camera was there... haha.. then...



Then, JC fetch me and sharon home.. i slept in the car while he drove me home.. felt so tired i guess.. haha.. online as usual.. felt weird.. CY say he can help me to make money? dunno wat government de thing.. i was like.. not really believe at first.. but. i dunno.. also feel true de.. coz he say he got help cheryl aslso.. hmm.. nvm.. i will ask er sum other time... sorry to cheryl also .. coz she jio me go yam cha at fairies cafe.. but i didn reply her coz my hp expired jor.. haha.. then hazel msn find me also.. coz that day i tell her i got thing wanna discuss with her.. haha.. actually i wanna ask her to reset ffs.. yuan lai she dunno wat's reset.. >.<>DEEPAVALI is here ma.. my neighbour is indian summore.. opposite house also got a few.. all put fire crackers.. and the "yen hua" also got.. like non-stop de lo.. keep continue de.. lol.. but.. it was nice la.. make me thinks of our CNY... haha..its ok.. coming soon d a.. feb 2010.. haha.. XD

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