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Friday, October 2, 2009

cute and tired day (1/10/09)

take 1

take 2

ss time.. haha

again.. but adil de hand block lo.. haha

so chubby.. >.<

pei ling, jessie and sharon.. ^^

devil sharon.. at MCD time.. ^^

so gay leh... lol...

this one better.. haha

jc, pei ling and sean ^^

pei ling vs sean..

double player match...

tried to take everyone but couldn't.. T.T

Today pei ling sot jor.. haha.. tie hair today.. then felt cute.. so bhb leh.. lol.. so.. end up camwhoring again.. took many ss de picture at marketing department.. haha... around 6pm justnow, went to play badminton for the 3rd time... damn tired and sleepy rite now.. hmm.. summore play untill wrist get swollen.. >.<" me la.. hold the racket also wrong... after badminton.. pei ling, sharon, abu, alex, jc and sean went to eat.. near high school there lo... erm.. i tink today shud be the last time lo we see sean b4 he go back to KL... all the best to him... ^^ wen wanna send me back time.. sharon drive for a while.. around bandar puteri.. no car ma there.. quiet and nobody summore.. so can curi-curi drive lo... she no lisence de ma.. haha.. while jc guide her.. pei ling and sean were playing behind.. he so stubborn de lo.. keep wanna peel off his body skin.. coz of sunburn de.. summore bite my finger.. >.<" and OMG... wen jc takes turn to drive... he accidentely bang on a motorcycle wen wanna u-turn time.. an indian woman and a kid on the motorcycle leh.. walao.. luckily ntg serious happen lo.. i so damn shock ady.. he said sorry to that lady but then he got trauma ady.. then sean drove me home.. hahaha... erm... tmr got marketing test.. but i haven read a single thing.. =.=" assignments.. research paper.. all need to rush rush rush.... making me so damn stress leh... i dun care d la.. 2mr morning go college oni do la... wat i wanna do now is...go up to my room and sleep.. >.<""

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