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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wedding dinner 031009

Went to wedding dinner with 3-yi , 3-yi zhang, popo, and yuan yuan.. haha.. yuan yuan so pretty lo.. like princess nia.. all white de.. ^^ well.. although its kinda boring.. but never mind la.. accompany popo lo.. find bird bird sms.. haha.. why leh? coz hor.. everytime.. go gam.. either he or me go wedding dinner time.. we both sure will sms each other wan.. haha.. he's the only child in the family.. so... quite often go wedding dinner with his parents.. haha.. sot sot de.. lolx.. took few pictures.. not bad la.. :D

ss b4 goin =P

take 2 XD

ss in car XD

yuan yuan with popo.. XP

jia yuan take 1

jia yuan take 2

jia yuan take 3-- holding bear bear.. so cute..XD

jia yuan take 4--haha.. cute ^^

shark fin soup XD

ah gua uncle singing.. didn get to take his face.. >.<""

ling ling and yuan yuan :D

mother and daugther :)

yuan again.. XD

what you doin o.. haha

what you trying to say a my dear? ^^

her finger.. kawaiii nehhhh.. XD

sweet and lovely :D

aaaa.... ummm.. XD

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