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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding dinner 11.10.09

A bit excited today.. coz tonite got dinner.. coz so long didn go d.. so felt excited.. hahaha... but.. sure will feel boring de.. coz all grown up adults there.. i dunno anyone de.. haha.. actually is accompany my grandma go la.. see this grandchild so good.. ^^ hehe.. around 1pm.. uncle came and fetch me then go back to his house lo... luckily aunty got laptop.. then can online for a while.. yesterday whole day didn online leh... miss facebook so much.. haha... open my cafe world as usual.. see my ffs pet.. luckily still got sharon.. she take care of my country story de crop.. if not all die liao.. hahaha... we went to LOKE FOOK MOON restaurant.. at bukit raja de.. i wore my black dress to the dinner... and jia yuan was so damn cute.. she wore a long white dress.. tie two.. damn cute lo.. can't stop taking her pictures.. hehe.. went to the dinner.. really as i expected.. i dunno anyone there.. know also got see face b4.. but not close de.. coz all of them are my uncle's relative.. so i was just finding ppl to accompany me sms to spend the whole nite.. haha.. well.. i did sms to few frens.. but oni few respond as well.. such as wing hong..ngam ngam also boring ntg to do.. jia jiunn.. who told me joke.. ethan.. can't stop making me laugh.. allan.. at starbucks cafe that time..also too free jor.. (fake baby ^^) and also sean.. goin back to kl soon that time.. thanx to all lo.. haha.. XD but one thing.. the food there really delicious.. but damn full lo.. few meal behind i didn touch also.. haha.. love te 2nd dish.. "SHARK FIN SOUP" .. hehe.. i dunno drank how many glasses of coke jor lo.. sorry la sean..u permit too late jor.. but dont worry la.. i'm Pei Ling wor.. no problem geh.. kaka.. hehe.. after reach home.. still can't stop sms-ing.. plan to read marketing.. but.. haha.. no commment.. lol.. suddenly become whye loon's bao bei and he become my baby that nigh.. swt la.. both of us really ntg to do d.. too free d.. hahaha... but it was fun though.. hehe.. then plan to go sunway pyramid with ethan tmr.. and oh ya.. cook porridge with sharon almost 50 minutes.. using house phone of coz.. haha.. so many things to talk... kaka.. ^^

after make up.. XD

take 2..

take 3.. ^^

drink water lo...

goin time ^^

playing with bear bear ^^

so cute de... like riding horse..haha

shark fin soup.. yummy yummy ^^

a guy wearing woman's outfit.. =.="

couldn't take his face.. >.<

jia yuan sien ady.. haha


3-yi and jia yuan

princess jia yuan.. XD


why u take my pic? lol.. =P

she eating mantou.. =.="

her cute and small hand ^^

lovely.. =)

can't stop eating de.. haha...

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