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Friday, October 9, 2009

What a day...

Today wake up at 10am.. mummy didn wake me up.. so i guess she must be doing sauna again.. nid to wait her.. haihh.. wat to do.. afta bath.. went online.. while waiting for her lo.. so coincidencely kezvin sign in.. he finsh his class jor.. then webcam with him for a while lo.. play piano for him summore.. see i so good.. haha.. but got many time play wrong.. haha.. i tink he dun realise also.. kaka...then mummy went to fetch sis from sch first.. afta drop her back.. then go to bank.. she ask me go fill the envelope thing.. walao.. i dunno leh.. swt la.. =.=" go in n ask guard.. haha.. thank god got him.. lol.. then went to college.. suppose 2pm got class.. but many didn go.. sharon and cheryl at rejab summore.. so went n meet them there.. i tink tcher wont teach also de la... 4pm till 6pm went to conference hall to see OL125 de presentation.. they got role-playing about a conflict de.. OMG.. can't believe gift was shaking her butt man.. holy shit.. hahaha... later on.. went to play badminton lo.. i didn plan to play also la coz dun wanna tie my hair..haha.. juz go there kepoh nia..hehe.. unfortunately.. till half way.. alex de car.. no fuel d.. engine cannot start.. sei lo... stuck in the middle of high way.. then i call kar king come and help.. coz he at nearby lo.. however.. put oil d still cannot start.. haha.. sei lo.. sei lo.. then abu ask kar king to drop us at court first then ask jc to go there back.. me and sharon wait at there lo.. too bad for his fren, ah boy.. first time come and play with us..but become like this.. waited almost more then 2 hour.. haha.. pity him.. lol.. finally alex de car start jor.. all of them except me and sharon play badminton till 10pm plus.. sharon and i was taking pic in the toilet.. eat ice-cream and maggi cup.. play with small kid.. and i help her with her assignment.. so good leh me.. hahaha... and so coincidencely also.. met cy at there.. wat a small world.. lol.. he came with his frens.. dunno hu lai de.. haha...

ss again at marketing.. haha

love this pic.. =x

omg.. smile.. ^^ but the panda eye so big... @@
car stuck at highway time also can take pic.. @@

curi snap.. XD

pei ling and samantha ^^

kar king come to rescue ^^

pouring the oil..

use the box paper.. haha..

geng lo.. @@

try to start engine.. but still cannot.. haha

dunno who call.. =P

pei ling and sharon de maggi mee.. haha..

ss again in the toilet.. lol

close the toilet door d.. ^^

sharon kepoh come in.. haha

y so sad wor sharon?? ==

cracking her head to do her assignment.. XD

see her hair can stand de wor.. hahaha..

eat ice-cream ^^

helping sharon with her assignment ==

so serious de lo.. ^^

the little boy disturb me do assignment.. so she try to attract him away by drawing.. kaka..
so cute hor?? hehe..

then.. alex send me home.. reached home around 11.30pm.. i didn follow abu, alex and sharon to eat lo... coz too late d.. my cafe haven open.. country story haven harvest.. ffs pet all haven work.. hahaha ... after all done.. on my msn.. i felt damn pek cek with adil.. keep rush me with the assignment.. walao.. wat u expect? i juz came back.. give me a break la at least!! @@ dun wan choi him.. then.. kezvin find me web cam again.. he so bad de lo.. wan gek me de.. btw.. he remax me jor.. so happy..
“KEz's Collection- 09/10 LAte jor bit bit... hahaha XD gek har u ma =x”.. After he remax me, his value left$1,461,624,781.. And my 2B value was $2,088,365,094..thanx a lot ya kezvin.. ^^
later on.. cy sign in.. we play checkers 1 round.. guess i won or lost? haha.. damn la.. i lost again.. actually can win de lo.. but i careless.. keep move wrong.. give him eat double 3 times... @@
another crazy day.. miss the two small kids leh.. they both so cute.. haha.. wanna sleep d.. nites... XD

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