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Sunday, October 11, 2009

What was i doing?

Today i didn't go to college.. mummy did wake me up.. i wake up 4 a while.. then sleep back.. haha.. then i told sis to tell her that i don't wanna go college today.. kaka.. doesn't matter de ma.. i got no class also.. haha... then.. sleep lo.. wake up at 3pm.. hahaha... cheryl summore send sms to me ask wer am i and called me to join her for lunch.. haha.. sorry cheryl.. pei ling lazy to wake up today.. kaka.. sorry to angel and wae yee also.. coz i ask them to bring sumting for me... but me myself didn turn up.. kaka.. then night online as usual lo... justnow play reversi with cy again.. maybe bad luck ba.. lose to him jor.. twice summore.. haihh.. bo bian lo...then leh.. webcam with kezvin again also.. today he didn lie down.. haha.. not like yesterday.. hope he don't sleep again today.. haha.. he really sot sot de lo... but.. its kinda cute though.. haha.. chat till 2am plus.. he really sleep infront of me... walao wei.. swt la... i nudge him so many time also don't wanna reply.. heng.. then after he dc.. i say gudnite to him then i sigh out jor.. haha.. dats all 4 today.. tata.. XD

Today's blog is below this post..

Wake up at 11am plus today.. omg... but i didn really care la.. coz my class at 2.30pm later.. around 12pm like that.. mummy send bro to clinic.. coz he sick.. >.< "WINDOW EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING".. shit la.. all i can do is pray that tmr heng shen will settle it for me... omg omg.. my songs.. videos.. i didn back up leh!! T.T pictures was ok la.. coz i hav it all in my pendrive.. and alex's harddisk got few copy as well.. another bad thing was.. i got a plan with my frens.. to max them to 1B in ffs.. but.. i tink i blur jor.. i buy wrong.. make me nid to drop desmond's value so that her owner can max him back.. dumb me.. i lost profit around 200m plus.. >.<""

Dunno wat happen to me tonite.. i'm sick!! @@ got e fever suddenly.. dunno who's cursing me.. @@ around 11pm or 12am plus.. i went to sleep d.. i switched off the air cond and fan.. wore a jacket and cover my whole body with the blanket.. can u imagine how cold am i? but.. my body temperature inside was hot.. =.="
after my parents came back.. my dad touched my forehead so gentlely.. oh.. how loving he was.. then in a serious tone.. he asked me to go and take panadol.. he said that we must not take this fever easily.. it might become serious.. i think i understood what he meant.. [H1N1] although no energy.. but i still walk downstair to take the medicine.. after drank some milo.. then i took two pills of panadol.. and what was the bad thing was.. before i reach my room's toilet.. i vomitted!! omg.. damn!! so smelly.. my poor white jacket.. T.T after clean up.. went to sleep.. as promised, ,heng shen camed to my house to fix my laptop.. but he still cant fix it.. thus, both of us decided to bring it to the computer shop.. the fella promised that he could fix it by 6pm.. then while waiting.. we went to giant for a walk.. even to the lantern festival at botanic.. well.. not bad la.. at least still can see two local artist.. STELLA CHUNG and DANNY WAN.. end of the day.. i still can't get my laptop back today.. have to take it on monday.. hmm... damn.. i miss my facebook..T.T luckily i asked sharon to take care of my country story crops and ffs pet.. sorry to kezvin as well coz cant help u work ur pet.. coz i cant online neither.. to desmond also.. coz didn reply ur sms.. i was sleeping that time.. juz took my medicine b4 that.. but i asked sharon to send the target market thing to u d... actually.. we planned to watch movie this afternoon.. but cheryl was sick also.. damn.. why so ngam de? haha.. then plan canceled lo.. but that night.. she still can jio me go BARCELONA.. haha.. she said peace, kar king, and stephanie was there d.. ask me go and will be back by 1am.. i was thinking.. whether to go or not.. with my sick condition like this.. at last.. i choose not to go.. haha.. omg pei ling.. u must get well soon!! 2mr still got dinner with aunty leh.. hope i will become the previous pei ling again.. >.<

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