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Friday, October 2, 2009

Yummy food and wrist pain.. T.T

Yesterday mummy brought back two box thing.. she say her fren give de... wan eat faster eat.. if not, wanna put back to frigde jor.. then... when i see it.. OMG.. so damn cute leh... feel want to eat.. but feel dont want also.. so.. i took a picture lo.. boz is like jelly de.. many colour de summore... another one is fruit cookies.. very delicious lo... got rambutan.. grape.. pineapple.. kiwi.. peach.. all her fren make de... wan eat?i help u eat lo.. hehehe... XD
small and cute jelly ^^

fruit cookies.. XD

Yesterday play badminton time.. wrist get swollen little bit d... the worst is.. today.. the thing getting bigger and bigger.. pain leh.. waa... T.T

so small nia yesterday..

today become so big jor.. >.<"

OMG!! @@

Lessons for u guys : hold the racket in a proper way.. although play for a while nia.. but don't take it easy.. it might become serious.. T.T

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