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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4B lu.. XD (2 Nov 09)

Ding Dong Chiang.. Pei Ling is maxed again.. hohoho.. 4B lo.. sei yeh Kezvin a.. use my money trade reset with your darling Michelle.. didn tell also me geh.. @@ I was sleeping lo when u call me. Haha.. Then when i received your call, u said "Wei, i use your money.. bye-bye.." lol.. i was like.. WHAT??! hahaha.. when i open my ffs.. i see my value 4B jor.. haha.. u really geng lo Kezvin.. hehe.. dunno what to say.. really gave me a heart attack lo.. haha.. at least let me know sin ma.. XD so my value now was $4,051,153,458.. i wonder when's the next reset? =P but my 1B... gone like that... lol.. dont care you a.. find money for me. $$ lai lai.. u say geh ma.. wan money find you.. i sure haunt you de lo.. XDXD

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