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Friday, November 27, 2009

Cheryl lead band concert- 26 Nov 09

Testing 123.. testing 123.. lalala.. today is Cheryl's first band concert.. LEAD BAND ^^ so we decided to go and support her.. oh yeah.. haha... so.. max pick me and sharon up.. then we went to college... then i forgot d what we were doin there.. lolx.. then.. cheryl came.. and i gave her my shirt.. then.. we went mcdonald.. i bought an ice cream.. haha.. after eat finish.. watch movie at there for a while... cheryl then went with jimmy.. her pianist friend.. she have to get prepared fro her concert tonight.. later on.. me, sharon and max went to buy our dinner.. lolx.. we bought LALA JIAN..but.. i don't like it.. haha.. weird me.. i know.. i don't eat a lot of things.. such as.. VEGETABLES.. the most of all.. then the BALITONG which everyone said it was so delicious.. but i just felt GELI.. yerr.... felt like eating snail.. =.=" then i don't really like PRAWNS.. because i'm lazy to unwrap its clothe.. haha.. i mean its shell.. err.. not shell.. the outside de thing la.. dunno call what.. zzz... but i love CRAB.. really weirdo.. lolx.. well.. there are lots more actually.. can't really think of anymore right now.. oh ya.. max brought us the spaggeti that he cooked.. it's totally different from abu's spaggeti.. abu's one was tomato sauce.. but max one was cheese.. and.. honestly.. i don't really like the taste.. >.<"" but i can't say la... just eat lo.. people also cook liao.. summore te ti bring from his house at Kepong leh.. to Klang wor... hahaha... so just force myself to eat lo..lolx.. we ate in his car nearby the place where Cheryl sings.. after we ate finish.. we went to see her concert lo... quite a lot of people who came.. and we could'nt find any seats.. luckily.. acs and his gang was there.. then we tumpang sit lo.. hehe.. Well.. overall.. her concert was successful la.. it was actually a charity show.. hmm... Times running out btw on that time.. my dad.. as usual.. keep calling and asking me to go back early.. haihh... hope he wont't lock the door again ba.. >.<""

THE DRUMMER - Kang er.. he also can play piano and sings very well.. leng zai summore lo.. ^^

THE GUITARIST- Jimmy.. u guys musy listen to his "ER HU" voice.. nice man...

THE PIANIST- Jonathan.. if i'm not mistaken... he can sings very well too.. :D

the person incharge for the sound system.. ^^

the whites... XD

yang came too.. ^^

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