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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Genting trip + Meeting Hazel ^^ [15-17 Nov 2009]

Day 1 (15 Nov 2009)

Hohoho...... haha.. the day has finally come.. i'm not saying christmas la don't worry... hehe.. well.. after had fun at pool party yesterday... today we gonna have more fun.. yeah.. haha.. we were suppose to go in the morning.. but then.. suddenly.. i received a call from cheryl.. oh know.. pls dont't tell me our trip is cancel... when i picked up the phone.. she was crying.. she said that her dad suddenly siao de.. dun wan let her go wor.. dunno why.. so we have to wait her go church sin.. after that only we go lo.. ><>
Finally we reached our destination.. Genting highland.. it was not cold at first.. but then it started to rain.. oh no.. pls don't rain.. T.T we went to eat our breakfast at mamak where the roti canai cost RM1.00 de.. haha..

We couldn't book any hotel.. first world.. highland, them park, genting hotel... all was fulled.. omg.. it is not peak season also.. still full de... T.T finally... we check in at gohtong jaya lo... one night RM90.. not bad la.. XD max park his car at up hill.. then we sit the Skyway and went down after that took taxi and proceed to gohtong jaya.. After check in.. the first thing we do was.. cook maggi mee cup to eat!!

haha... i ate 2 cup lo.. hehe.. too bian.. =P after eat.. night still early.. of coz we can't sleep first without playing our DARE GAME.. hahaha... and yes indeed.. crazy stuffs were been asked to do.. bite nose, kiss throat, kiss eye,bite hair? lols.. hug hug.. max and sharon.. hehe ^^.. there is one where cheryl have to bite zain's chin too.. haha... lots more.. pictures are available.. just check it out in my facebook profile.. ^^ then.. cheryl was tired.. then she slept.. me, sharon and max plan to take a walk outside.. then chit chat at the hotel lobby.. me and sharon asked him many thing.. bout cheryl.. but he said both fren only wor.. haha.. they both know each other 1 year jor lo.. haha..

well. i guess that's all for day 1.. better get to sleep coz nid lots of energy fo day 2.. XD


Day 2 (16 Nov 2009)

Wake up wake up!!!! Here comes sharon again.. our live alarm clock.. lolx.. then all of us take turn to bath and get ready.. coz we gonna walk up to the skyway then only use the skyway to up hill... our aim today is the THEME PARK!!!! Oh yeah... hahaha... i’m gonna force Sharon to go for the ride.. she was afraid of height.. wat the.. its not scary at all lo.. come on man.. dont waste ur RM36 for the theme park ticket.. oh yeah.. we get a opputunity to take picture with horses too.. hee.. XD

Well well well... 2nd time using the skyway... of coz it was much better then last night.. cant see anything at all last night.. it was totally dark.. haha.. if we fell down also no one can save us.. lol.. choi choi..
After reach there.. we went to eat Marybrown.. Sharon wanna eat it so long ady... get a chance finally.. haha.. After eat.. we went to buy our outdoor ticket.. hee... but... very unfortunately.. after we bought out ticket.. around 10 minutes plus.. IT STARTED TO RAIN!!! WTH!! Damn man... >.<>.<" after that rain stop little bit.. manage to go and play the pirate ship 1 round lo.. but leh... still.. got limit wan lo.. actually is till 180 degree wan lo.. but coz of the weather conditon.. they slower and make it swing not so high.. T.T then.. start raining back.. bo huat lo..

We went inside.. then go for the LAO AH PEK car ride.. lolx.. queue quite long.. coz many ppl lo but it doesnt matter also lo coz there are no other ride that we can go for ady.. T.T what we can do is keep enjoy camwhoring lo all the time.. haha.. then.. we continue with the tea cup ride.. >.<"" the boys sit in a cup.. they start swinging like siao lang... crazy wan.. haha.. later on.. the rain still don't wanna stop.. hopeless liao de la.. damn rain.. >.<>

Then we went indoor lo.. hmm... went everywhere to take lots and lots of pictures.. XD thats all we can do..haha.. well then.. see got wat movie can watch lo.. wanna watch ...... but fulled jor.. T.T nvm la.. haiz.. we planned to go SAFARI in the night.. haha.. ladies free.. while the guys have to pay RM12 each.. and omg.. guess what... they check me!! T.T i'm already 18 ok.. i don't look like 18 meh? wuwu...Even sharon who haven 18 also didn kena check.. but i already 18 wan kena check... fine lo.. give u see my IC la.. lolx..
Erm.. while waiting for time to pass before goin safari.. cheryl introduce us to his fren, Senji.. which is a quite famous singer i suppose?? so gam he was there at genting that time.. so we go yam cha lo.. pleasure to meet u senji.. :D
Then its time to boom boom shake shake liao.. wahhaha... well.. overall it was not bad la.. for me.. for cheryl its totally sucks!! hahaa.. thats my 2nd time clubbing lo.. why i say not bad is becoz my first time was really sucks!! haha.. MOS la.. bo song at all.. lolx.. but then.. at safari.. peace bought a bottle of beer.. well.. i drank 1 mouth lo.. guess wat.. i drunk liao.. kns... swt la.. maybe not really drunk la.. just started to get high liao.. haha.. then with the sound effect somemore.. make my mind more BOOM... haha..
When we back time.. cheryl and me feel wanna vomit... coz after club.. music.. then sit in the car where the road keep turn here and there de.. but we both also didn vomit la.. haha.. Back to room.. bath.. then continue with our game..wahhaha... guess wat.. cheryl and peace kissed!!

Hehe... with peace joining us.. so.. he and cheryl sleep down on the floor while me,sharon,max and zain sleep on the bed.. give them chance.. kakaka.. XD sleep sleep.. another day to go.. :D

Day 3 (17 Nov 2009)

Final day lo... we woke up quite late.. around 12pm like that.. had over the check out time.. haha.. well then.. after check out.. we straight start our journey to kl ady lo... wanna meet hazel.. wahahhaa... but dunno whether she can make it or not lo.. hmm.. we arrive at kl.. then went to times square to eat our lunch.. sushi king..haha.. everyone was damn starving after tired journey from all the way form genting somemore... haha.. after obtain enough energy.. then we bought our movie ticket “ Phobia 2”.. Well.. some said it was scary.. well.. we’ll see how lo..haha..

While waiting for time to pass.. we went to low yat red box.. sing till the max!! Oh yeah.. haha.. sing till siao man.. max really got little bit jay chou’s style lo.. kaka.. XD

After sing K... times almost up ady.. we quickly rush back to Times Square for our movie.. haha...

After movie... it was already pass 12am.. which is 18th of November 2009.. and its Sharon's birthday as well.. haha.. well.. she keep busy replying sms and answering calls but actually.. we forgot that it was her birthday.. and we didn't wish her.. the worst was she even wanna shake hand with us.. thought that we will wish her.. but then.. i thought she was cold.. wan me to hold her hand lo.. so i ma hold lo.. cheryl also didn realise until she heard sharon was wishing her another fren happy birthday too.. haha.. damn.. how can we forgot.. lolx.. then me and cheryl started to plan sumting.. then i told her.. we will all wish her together when we reach hazel's house.. and off we go.. haha.. we almost get lost coz we don't know how to find her apartment.. peace is not with us coz we drop him home first... but after asking direction from guard at nearby.. finally we manage to find the apartment lo.. Hazel... here we come!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.. Me and cheryl was actually quite excited to meet her.. everytime chat in msn.. facebook.. sms.. i also webcam with her once only... felt so happy can meet her that day.. lolx.. Well.. my first impression for hazel.. OMG.. real person so different from picture leh.. hahaha.. she was far more mature... and of coz.. abit chubby chubby de.. haha.. like me only lo.. kaka..
Well.. I still remember our plan for sharon.. haha.. then i sms hazel.. "when i say 123, we will all sing happy birthday song for sharon".. haha.. kinda lame.. but it did work out lo.. ^^ Hazel showed us her last time de pictures.. omg.. unbelievable lo.. she so fat leh last time.. i wonder how she diet wan.. so leng lui and slim jor now.. i also wan to slim down... >.<"" hmm.. well.. all of us sit in her room.. then we chit chat and took few pictures lo.. sharon was abit pist off actually.. coz we keep take picture.. >.<" she wanna go back jor coz her mum called already and it's quite late jor.. hmm.. why so serious wor.. nan de can meet hazel wan lo.. hahaha... [like meet superstar nia.. =P] Well hazel.. glad to meet you lo.. hope next time can hang out with you again... come klang find us or we go kl find u.. haha.. but don't worry.. i'm sure still got many chance wan lo.. coz our college will be shifting soon to KL!!! wahahaha....

After that.. max send each of us back home lo.. i was the last one to go... by the time.. it's already 4am plus.. goin to 5am d lo.. then i decide not to go home that night.. haha.. but.. where to go leh?? haizz... then we went to southern mamak and get a change to watch friday the 13th at there.. haha.. after that.. both of us sleep in car lo.. while waiting time to pass.. few hours only ma.. nex morning only go back lo.. ^^ well.. i manage to finish this post finally.. took me so long to do it... coz of this post.. delay other latest post.. haha.. but now.. finally.. can publish jor lo.. ^^

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