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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunway lappy sotsot (23 Nov 09)

Another Sunway outing today... As usual.. the three S.H.E.. pei ling, sharon and cheryl.. well.. with our driver friend.. max of course.. haha.. we went to sunway today... all of us too free already i guess.. and cheryl like addicted to Sunway.. and i don't know why... lolx.. btw.. We didn't really go for shopping also lo.. just walk around.. camwhoring like nobody business.. haha.. the funny part was when three of us wanna take picture in the toilet time.. the mirror was so big.. then it was nice to take picture there.. we keep pose.. and by the time sharon wanna snap.. got people came in.. then we keep act like normal.. and after the lady went off.. we pose back again.. but another lady came in.. keep repeating.. and we can't laughing.. hahaha.. finally we manage to snap few also la... hahaha.... then.. we walked to FACE TO FACE restaurant to eat.. err.. a "friend" of cheryl owns the restaurant.. so.. everytime cheryl went there to eat.. she will get it fro free treat.. wahaha.. lucky us lo.. ^^ went there online for a while.. since max and sharon brought their laptop.. apa lagi.. facebook la.. kaka.. XD after that.. we went to cheryl's house.. because she's singing at we plan to go there and "support" her.. haha.. while waiting for her to get prepared.. me as usual.. play with her piano.. while max online with the WIFI which is available.. and sharon was playing with the OGAWA massaging chair.. and i put a lot of dolls on her body.. kakaka... then..of the day.. max send all of back lo.. another outing end again...what's next?? haha..

reach sunway jor.. take picture before enter the lift ^^

err.. haha.. bite by Sharon.. ^^

cheryl : kiss kiss dear.. ^^
pei ling: blek.. dun wan.. haha.. =P

sending our resume to apply for work.. lolx

sharon and cheryl ss.. =p

crazy camwhoring in the toilet mission 1

crazy camwhoring in the toilet mission 2- butt to butt.. lol

crazy camwhoring in the toilet mission 3- cheryl and pei ling the ghost?? @@

crazy camwhoring in the toilet mission 4- super model =P

crazy camwhoring in the toilet mission 5-- cheryl cute..sharon sweet and ling ling noobie.. lolx..

crazy camwhoring in the toilet mission 6- i love this picture man..
should i say cute or noob?? haha.. XD

ss in 2pm shop.. lolx..

aahh.. the pinky shop.. ^^

online at face to face shop.. XD

don't know what i'm trying to say.. lolx

damn focus online-ing.. hahaha...

back to sunway.. take picture with the tree.. ^^

poor max max.. already become our driver.. now have to become our ah sei.. hahaha

with the angel.. or cupid.. i duno.. haha.. statue.. ^^

Sharon on the massaging chair.. ^^

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