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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2012 movie- 18 Nov 09

take picture only la.. we didn go in also..haha

two siao po fighting for a orange..haha

got water de lo.. pretty hor.. ^^

wahh... look up there..

lolx.. XD

aww.. this is sweet :)

yummy yummy.. ^^

we order quite many lo.. but not that expensive.. haha.. birthday bonus ma.. ^^

max and his drink.. lol

wahh.. looks delicious wor.. haha

see.. the cheese still stick together wan..haha

My most expensive movie ever.. RM20.. premium wan.. lolx..

After yesterday tired and also enjoyment at Genting.. meeting Hazel and so on.. me,sharon and max plan to watch 2012 movie.. wahaha.. Max send me home around 8am.. unpacked all my stuffs and dirty clothes.. bath.. online for a while.. then i beh tahan liao.. straight went to sleep.. haha.. While I was sleeping, Max called me quite a few times but I didnt answer because I was sleeping!! Lol.. Futhermore, Pei Ling sleep.. like pig wan.. where can wake up wan.. haha... but I woke up la at last.. firstly we almost canceled our plan.. because it’s kinda late already.. but then.. I still insist to go because anyhow’s Sharon’s birthday!!! We can’t let her be alone at house on her birthday man..come on.. although we organized a birthday party for her before but her real birthday is 18 Nov lo.. haha.. end up.. we went to the Signature cinema at The Garden.. midnight show.. whoaaaa.... RM20 man.. but okla.. the sit was quite huge and comfortable.. eventhough our seat is quite front.. but then.. the screen was not too close though.. good good.. ^^ we bought 2-1 separate seats at first.. because there are no more any available seats.. So our seats was actually 2 seats together.. and another one more seat separate.. which we plan to ditch Max overthere.. wahhaha.. but then.. end up.. three of us sit in the 2 seats.. all pek pek lo.. since the seat quite big.. let Max chap dou lo.. two lenglui sit beside him..lolx.. before our movie start.. we went to eat at Kim Gary since the birthday girl was there and we got a lot of discount .. birthday advantages.. ^^ Hmm.. about the movie.. overall it was awesome.. the graphic and animation all was perfect.. though.. its a bit too “kua zhang” gua.. end of the world won’t be like that gua.. haha.. lol..choi choi.. like really end of the world nia.. haha.. after movie send Sharon home first then send me home.. dad called bout 10+ time when I was watching movie.. of coz la I didn’t hear it.. i kept it in silent.. yea.. i guess right.. he was angry.. because it was almost 3am.. but.. come on la.. midnight show wor.. for sure de ma.. huhu.. haiz.. give him say say nia lo.. then ok d.. hmm... sleep sleep.. zzz =X

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