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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another day out in KL + movie- Ninja (24 nov 09)

Today.. me.. sharon and max went for the work training.. pc fair de job.. actually.. there's only two places left.. max conform get one.. the problem is another place left dunno have to let me or sharon go.. both of us also wanted to job badly.. we did apply for other job as well.. but no reply yet so far.. but we just give it a try.. three of us went all the way to somwhere near KL.. just for the training.. WTH!!.. we actually got lost.. because of the wrong information from marcus.. we went till kajang.. almost to airport.. sepang.. aiya.. i dont know where la.. i "lu zhi" one.. haha.. finally.. we were late for the training.. and marcus ask us to wait at one place and he will meet us there.. unfortunately.. he said that only 2 places are available... before that i already sms my details to him.. so.. i go for the job.. haihh.. poor sharon.. can't do anything lo.. well.. life has to go on anyway.. we then went to midvalley.. watch Ninja movie.. me and sharon kena tipu liao.. we though this was the movie where Rain was acting de... but that was NINJA ASSASIN.. this was Ninja.. two different movie lai de.. lolx..suan lo.. but.. the movie was not bad la.. :) Before movie.. we went to eat porridge.. the RM3 one.. quite delicious one lo.. ^^ After movie.. we went to The Garden.. there's a cut shop where there's a lot of cute stuffs with a cute sales girl.. manage to take picture with her also.. hee.. ^^ forgot her name d.. paiseh ya.. sorry la.. coz i after 1 month plus only write this post.. haha.. We even took a video.. ling ling as the guy..and sharon as the girl.. to show how a guy tackle a girl?? lolx.. but i guess we failed.. wahahah.. just view it lo.. ^^ End of another outing.. lolx..

sharon hugging my milko ^^

at carpark.. haha

Sharon say she like my style.. but.. i don't like wearing jeans.. >.<""

our lunch.. lolx..

sharon peace ^^

max peace ^^

ling ling peace ^^

before enter cinema.. toy story?? haha

ss 1

ss 2

posing with piano.. :D

The Garden X-mas decoration :)

water water- H20 :P

u think max can fit inside meh??hahaha

aahh.. cute doll.. the previous peace ^^ actually we wanna personate this doll.. =P

dont worry.. its a fake ice-cream.. haha

i just love this octopus hat.. haha.. :)

nice and lovely pinky rabbit doll.. :D

took picture with the sales girl.. cute leh.. =P

kawaii ne..... =P

haha.. no comment on this video.. lolx.. XD

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