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Saturday, November 14, 2009

BBQ Pool Party - ACS & Sharon's birthday (14 Nov 09)

Hahaha.... the day has come... planned for so long... find the venue.. went all the way till pantai remis.. but still end up have it at pelangi court... kakaka... XD well.. although participants was not that a lot.. but still.. i believe all of us do have fun.. especially swimming.. throwing ppl into water and eggs part.. hahaha... well... but then.. i was actually wanna make it a suprise for sharon.. but failed jor.. haiz.. coz the plan was like this.. i told sharon that we are making this suprise birthday party for acs and told acs the opposite thing which we going to celebrate sharon's birthday.. but the plan is to celebrate both of their borthdya together.. i called sharon's secondary school frens.. thank god they came.. and the great news was they were there earlier then sharon.. so when sharon come i asked them to hide.. then when the cake come.. so they can suddenly pop out and hope sharon will get a suprise... so i went to but the cake with cheryl and nicholas... who knows... everything was spoilt.. haizz.. sharon saw them jor.. no more suprise.. T.T but what to do.. eveything still have to go on lo.. our party had already been delay actually.. coz of rain..damn.. everyone was starving.. waiting for the BBQ Chicken.. thank god still got abu's spagetti.. damn delicious man.. hahaha... as for the party.. go on like normal.. we play around.. swim.. throw ppl into the pool.. and yes of coz.. the throwing egg part.. we were suppose to throw the egg at acs and sharon AFTER WE SANG THE BIRTHDAY SONG.. THEN LET THEM BLOW CANDLE.. WHEN THEY LIFT UP THEIR HEAD THEN ONLY WE THROW.. but........ birthday song haven't even sing finish all start to throw.. and the cake fell.. lolx.. luckily still got another cake.. if not all no nid eat cake jor.. hahaha.. but it was fun though.. hehe.. well.. after all have fun.. ethan send me and my "siblings" back.. haha.. yea.. i brought along my sister and brother.. the nex day i'm going to genting summore.. omg.. sure very tired.. but i dun care.. i wanna enjoy till the max... XD

three guys was preparing all these food.. hahaha

jessie came to help.. ^^

well.. i did help.. help to see and taste.. wahahaha... XD

preparing the drink...

we use cheryl's hand to stir.. hahaha

blow cake lo.. ^^

cut cake.. sharon so happy.. haha..

in the pool 1

in the pool 2

in the pool 3

in the pool 4

abu was busying preparing the chicken whole night.. thx bubu..^^

me and my lovely bubu.. muax muax... XD

taken b4 goin back time.. ^^

me and my siblings.. my bro abit paiseh.. ^^

pei jun.. pei ling and wei ren.. :D

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