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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Couple retreat movie (14 dec 09)

Went to college for drama practice de.. since still got time.. Jonathan ask us to go to HUC to help lo.. wanna hang dress robes... so off we go..... rong drive lo.. then later claim money from college.. we thought it would be a while only.. mana zai.. so many dress robes...zzz... and damn heavy somemore.. somemore need to carry it.. i mean those boxes.. from van.. to the main door.. then to the room.. long way to go.. phew...... rong keep complain.. hahaha.. aiyo.. once in the blue moon nia ma... nevermind lo.... =P drama practice was canceled.. coz got few of the so called "actor" and "actresses" couldn't make it also.. so.. not only me and sharon can't make it lo...haha.. thereforeee...... we went to midvalley.. to watch movie.. wahahha.... we choose COUPLE RETREAT... none of us know what the movie is about... but.. WE ARE NOT REGRET!!! Wahahha... them movie is damn super duper funny man..... wakakakaka.... very ngam us lo.. coz all the funny part is related to 18SX de.. =P all of us laugh like hell man.. hahahha... everyone must watch it... lolx.. XDXD

ling and rong ss while helping :P

all come together.. hahaha

again again ^^

haha.. chee siang too tired liao.. sleep in the car.. =P

looking at nikon camera.. XD

so focus.. lolx..

xmas decoration ^^

cute!! ^^

baby girl and baby boy ^^

eat a bit b4 goin into cinema.. =P

siao max.. hahaha

rong paiseh hami o.. hahaha

swt la u =.=""

ling and sharon with digglet.. cute leh.... kawaii neee.... XD

so cuteeeeee........and looks so real.. feel wanna eat it.. hahaha

cute rabbits in the bin.. =P

all of us together ^^

yo yo... wats up man..... XD

hug hug ^^

they dunno cover "there" for wat =.=""

cool??? XP

xmas decoration again XD

waa.. so colourful ooo.......

another cute pair of teddy bear ^^

ling ling and sharon

ling ling and rong rong

sharon and max

sharon and rong rong

ling ling and max

our dinner.. dunno wat vege lai de.. yucks.. hate vege.. lolx

ikan bakar.. this one ho liao.. :D

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