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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dining etiquette at HUC

Do this.. no.. you can't.. you have to do like this.. eat in this way.. no.. u can't add ice to your wine.. please.. no way.. hahaha... Today.. HUC had organize an activity specially for all SASArians and ASArians.. Yeah.. it's the dining etiquette which all of us have been waiting for.. because we aim for the FOOD only.. nothing else.. haha.. but yes of course.. this is also a part of our training.. to teach us the all the proper way of eating.. all those eating manners.. what you should do and don't... the proper way to drink wine and hold the glass.. to respect other guest.. to use which fork, spoon or knifes first.. and lots lots more.. OMG la.. so many rules wan.. wanna eat a proper meal also not easy... haha.. but anyway.. we had a great day.. although it was raining cat and dog when we arrive at HUC Residential hall.. and poor Jonathan and Jc's shirt are all wet.. because they sacrifice themselves to bring us in.. i mean.. cover us using umbrella.. hahaha.. Thanks for organizing such a entertaining and wonderful event.. where all of us can even gain experience and learn new stuffs.. :D

foooooodddddd... ^^

two siao po... hahaha

our speaker of the day.. XD


kin hoo and kah meng.. XP



all in this together :D

a snap shot with Mr. Yap :D

ASArian guys :D

chik chak.. ^^

SASArians... XD

take a picture.. lovely rite :)

in a bigger group :D

say cheese...... :)

cheers XD

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