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Monday, December 28, 2009

During 26 and 27 Dec 2009....

26 dec 2009-

Sharon start work lo today... means i have to acommpany her lo.. haha.. she work.. then.. i go there.. do what leh?? haihh.. luckily she brought her laptop.. i still can survive.. if not a.. die liao lo.. >.<"" First day.. and first time.. i sit at Old town... from 2pm something.. till 9pm.. almost 7 hours leh... OMG... but bo pian.. if not i don't know where to go liao.. since there got wifi.. ma go there online lo.. haha.. thanks to Eclipse because te di come from pavillion to find me.. met him for the 2nd time.. haha.. accompany me around 3 hour.. not bad la.. kaka.. continue online.. and online.. facebook and keep facebooking... finally sharon finish her work liao.. means.. we can go back liao... wahaha.. oh yeahh... and today.. we gonna go back to sharon's house.. yippie.. ^^ hui rong will come and fetch us.. pity him lo.. just back from singapore.. then have to come and fetch us liao.. but i miss him leh...... wahahahaa... can't wait to see you... XD

their working place


another promoter.. penny.. leng lui leh..

me and eclipse.. XD

take 2.. XD

me and fish.. another promoter.. another leng lui.. XD

fish.. ling ling.. and sharon :D

with laptop.. cafe world.. hahha..


27 dec 2009-

Met abbie for the first time.. went to T-Bowl Concept Restaurant eat..
i took sharon de phone with me... thought go sg wang see abbie for a while..take picture then go back d ma.. then me and rongrong went to times square for a walk and watch a movie lo.. movie start at 8pm.. then couldn't pass back the phone to her before our movie start.. she finish work at 9pm.. then couldnt contact anyone coz her phone is with me.. T.T summore that max keep call.. i straight ask hui rong to talk to him.. after our movie we straight walk 180 km/h speed go back low yat plaza find sharon.. but she wasn't there.. i started to panic.. then max called and said she at times square.. wat else.. go back there find her.. but. OMG... Times Square not small leh.. how u expect us to find leh? but its our fault also la.. my fault actually.. take her phone for wat.. >.<"" finally found her at level 3.. but she so cold.. no matter how me and hui rong apologize to her.. she dont want to talk to us.. on the wat back.. the car so cod and quiet.. none of us talk.. T.T

our food :D

the waitress.. :D

seat design..

the chair.. =.=""

rong : what you looking at?! hahaha

rong: lol.. i wan drink soup la.. =P

ling ling and abbie :D

rong and abbie XP

ling ling and rong rong ^^

rong.. what you doing?? lolx


haha.. special leh this restaurant.. lolx

from the outside..

got artist performing..

Pan yu wen.. dunno hu lai de.. lolx..

movie ticket.. Princess and the frog.. :D

After send sharon back.. i take my things which i left at her house.. then hui rong and me went to bekerly mamak stall.. met so many friends there.. wat a coincidence.. haha.. first... rong met his old sch mates.. but forget name d. so cute de.. lol.. then suddenly someone called my name..i turned around and saw Ivan.. haha.. he was with his padini gang.. then rong met another gang of his secondary sch mates.. we moved to that table.. then i saw kim kim and gang at the nearby table.. lolx.. ate.. then went and chit chat with kim kim they all... they are going to PD this tuesday.. 29th to 31th.. so nice.. and oh ya.. cheryl jio go penang 1st to 3rd jan.. i'm still not sure.. don't tink dad will let lo.. hmm... when rong send me back time. first his mum called.. was ok.. then his dad called.. he like totally change d.. no mood jor.. so cool.. i so scare.. T.T go back time.. thought wanna give him a hug.. and goodbye kiss.. as i promised him.. lolx.. but i see he so in the rush.. forget it lo.. haha.. go back msn and view webcam only lo.. lolx.. XD he say miss me wor.. miss me or someone else wor.. hmm.. dunno la.. then.. summore ask me wanna marry him or not?? generation changed?? woman propose to guy?? no way man.. for me.. [[GUYS ALWAYS HAVE TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE.. =P ]] feel he suddenly like weird weird lo.. he asked : So good de guy you want let other girl chance ? i was thinking.. err.. wat u mean o.. >.<""
but then i said.. all this also have to depends on the guy de ma.. rite.. if the girl like the guy but the guy like another girl.. so.. there's no point also... >.<" blur ling ling now.. sleep.. nite.. zzzzz

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