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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forget not christmas - 19 Dec 09

HOHOHO...... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! It's the christmas event organize by HICT DIBS students.. they had done a great job.. the event was very successful.. for me.. it was greater then the previous halloween event.. there are more guests.. when my drama performance is gonna start.. i was like so damn nervous man.. because most of our guest are mainly PARENTS.. GG.COM liao la.... hahhaa.. but..thank god... our performance was a success too.. ^^ but.. i got one part.. where i say wrong dialogue.. wuwu.. :( Hmm.. Well.. few days of practice.. and yes.. we did it!!! hahaha... And this would be our LAST CHRISTMAS IN HICT... It would be very memorable for all of us.. good job to david and his team.. *clap clap* :D

make-up.. preparing.. ^^

red red ang ang bo hai lang a.... XD

teddy bear family... :P

Dr.Mah speaking and few perfomers and also MC... :)


Below are a few pictures for our drama performance.. where Jeff as AH KONG.. Angel as AH MA.. Woh Sheng as daddy.. Cheryl as MUMMY.. Jia Meng as KOR KOR (1st Son).. Sharon as JIE JIE (2nd Daughter) and finally.. Me as AH LING (youngest daughter "which is also the naughty one.. hahaha.... ")

Scene 1... selling newspaper...

Scene 2.. cheryl and angel part...

Scene 2.. daddy and mummy fighting..
daddy ask 500 bucks from mummy but she don't want to give him...

Still in scene 2.. mummy cried.. sob sob :'(

Scene 3.. jie jie get good result in SPM.. :D

Scene 4.. I ask mummy to buy a RM1800 Sony Erricson NEW MODEL for me.. XP

Scene 5.. stealing money.. =P mummy slaped me.. and i runaway from house... haha

Scene 5.. mummy cried again.. daddy back home with a drunk condition..

Mummy and kor kor went all over the place to look for me.. post in newspaper..

I went to park.. met a stranger... she told me about her story.. where her condition was same like me.. and her mum died.. I felt regret.. then quickly ran home..

I cried because i thought mummy was dead because of acident..

Then mummy went back and saw me.. we both hugged.. start to decorate Xmax tree ^^

Daddy went home.. in a smart look.. he stops gambling too.. and says sorry to mummy.. :)

Finally... FAMILY stands for :
Take a family picture..
THE END... Happy ending :D


Few more group performances.. :)

Time to eat again... hohoho... :)

Children from Orphanage.. :)

Take a picture.. ^^

After the event.. me, sharon, rong and max went to Sunway Pyramid to watch movie.. hahaha.. Max intro the movie de lo.. "Bodyguard and assasins"... haha.. not bad la.. the movie was quite nice... I learnt new things though.. (about chinese history) ahaha... another great day :)

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