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Friday, December 4, 2009

FullHouse -> Nic's drama show (3 Dec 09)

Fullhouse here we come!!! haha.. me, Sharon, and Max plan to go gai gai at Sunway.. hohoho.. Then I called Cheryl to come along..she was not really sure because she scare her dad don’t allow her to go.. she still working with her dad.. hmm.. see how lo.. she say she will let me know wor.. hmm.. Then.. i was expecting Max to come and fetch me first then we can go and fetch Cheryl then Sharon.. but then.. when Max reached my house.. I saw Sharon was already in car.. then I was ok lo.. I quickly call Cheryl up and ask whether she is still following us or not.. but then.. she still say she can’t go.. haiz... suan lo.. what to do.. Supposely.. I wanna give Sharon a suprise.. I brought my Milko alone.. but what to do.. Max fetch her first ady.. so.. no suprise.. kua kua kua... The moment I open the door.. AHHHH!!! WTH!!!! Cheryl was in the car... WTH!!! All of them fooled me... then all laughed at me.. huhu.. L so bad.. This was all Sharon and Cheryl’s idea.. so bad lo you two.. argh!!! Sui yan!!! Dun wanna fren u guys d la.. wuwu.. =( Then off we go.. to FULLHOUSE... oh yeah... haha.. i saw the pictures that baby took.. it was so pretty.. i wanna go there so long d lo.. we were lost actually coz no one of us know tha way to go there.. haha.. after ask direction from someone.. we manage to find the place at last.. haha.. and guess wat.. that place is totally AWESOME!!! Wahahhaa..... well.. food was okla.. not bad.. as usual.. the three S.H.E.. me ,sharon and cheryl went all over the place.. up and down.. in and out.. take every single thing there and camwhore.. really crazy.. haha.. even ask max and vincent to take picture with skirt.. lolx.. XD Nicholas’s college is having a christmas performance.. and he had invited all of us to go there to watch his performance.. Then we went to Nic's college lo.. he asked us to bring pillow and teddy bear.. to make ourself comfortable wor.. but.. go untill there.. no one bring de lo.. and have to sit on floor de.. we still thought got chair to sit de.. three of us wear skirt summore.. G.G == bo bian.. zhao sit nia.. >.<" their performance was actually their assignment lai de.. and it was very nice.. their acting.. very professional.. because they really put make-up.. got all the sound effect.. decorations.. clothing.. mask.. Dj sound system.. all also got la.. not sui sui pian pian do wan lo.. can see that they really put effort on it.. and some really good in acting.. haha.. and the best part was.. there are lots and lots of LENGZAI and LENGLUI leh... omg.. hahaha... Nic's group was the final group and their title was the Fairytale.. where by they combine cinderalla and beauty and the beast story together... Nic was the beast.. and he looks funny and scary... lol.. with the hairy ape outfit that he wore.. haha.. but.. overall.. all of us enjoyed the show.. *thumbs up for them* :) Soon after.. after eat then Max send Sharon and Cheryl home.. while i follow him go back his house lo.. stay 3 night because the next day start working d lo.. first time working.. don't know how it's gonna be.. haha.. all the best to me.. :D

five of us lo.. :D

three different colour.. ^^

the inside and outside of FULLHOUSE

yummy yummyyyyyyyyyyy ^^

dessert... in set meal de.. delicious.. :D

spaggeti.. i forgot what flavour liao.. paiseh.. hehe..

cherries moment.. =P

three sha po... hahaha... XP

max and vincent in the bath tab.. lol.. ^^

breakfast lunch or dinner? or even supper? =P

noob noob sharon, cheryl and ling with noob noob specs!!! hahaha

siao po sharon and max max XD

We stun with this pose for almost 5 min like that...wait for max to take our picture.. hahaha...

CHak!!! we can appear everywhere.. even among clothes.. haha.. =P

ling and sharon : awww.. nice music :)
cheryl : *don't care* .. keep sms-ing.. =P

so en ai meh.. 4 ppl share 1 drink...hahaha... XD

so big de hamburger....hahaha.

This picture was taken in Nic's college toilet.. siao po sharon ss with DSLR camera.. snap like ghost like that... hahhaa...

us again :D

toilet =.=""

Nicholas's group.. college.. ^^ the ape was Nicholas btw.. =P

Ling and Cheryl tired jor... hahaha... go back lu.. bb.. XD

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