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Friday, November 13, 2009

KTV Greenbox (12 Nov 2009)

Today first time went out.. i mean hang out with our ADP seniors... ivan and the gang.. wahahah... i reach JJ early.. ask mummy fetch.. coz i wanna go there and search present for sharon.. have to buy it.. and let mummy bring back home.. b4 she come.. find and keep find.. finally choose a teddy bear from S&J... hope she will like it lo.. times up d.. then ivan they all came.. but.. the KTV room all fulled jor.. then we have to wait till 4pm lo... they went to eat at Kim Gary.. then.. munna, zain and nic came.. so coincidencely they also go KTV today.. they went to eat kenny rogers.. while i was actually picking hp decoration for sharon.. yea.. she was rite.. i was choosing to give her as her birthday present.. its in one pair.. "LING @ YIN" and "YIN @ LING ".. the @ sign was a love sign actually.. well dont misunderstood.. we both are straight ya.. haha.. well.. first experience.. and it was awesome.. especially joyling.. omg.. u guys shud see how she sing.. so rock man.. haha.. ivan's sound was.. not bad also la.. although got little bit sasa.. haha.. poor cy.. working.. but he came to visit us for a while during his break.. manage to listen to his "san ren you".. nice song.. ^^ sing for almost 4 hour like that... then soon ming send me back lo.. had a great day with them.. hope to hang out more often with them.. :)

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