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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kenny Rogers (20 Nov 2009)

Damn!! Suddenly two siao po came into my room..calling “Pei Ling, chi lai chi lai”.. I was still sleeping omg.. with my pyjamas that I still wearing on.. with my blur sleepy and ugly look.. Sharon and Cheryl came in.. lolx.. what a BIG suprise.. haha.. they ask me wake up.. somemore can play doggie style!! What the... hahaha... they say wanna go have lunch wor.. swt la.. I can’t refuse to not go also.. because they came to my house already.. just to fetch me.. haha..nevermind la.. since I’m so free.. at home nothing to do also.. then i get prepared and follow them lo.. Nic fetch us to Aeon Bukit Tinggi lo... haha.. Then four of us went to Kenny Rogers to eat.. hehe.. ^^ online and chit chat for a while.. then went to play car racing and the drum game 1-2 round... after that.. all of us also got little bit tired jor.. then straight went back already.. haha.. kakaka.. XD

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