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Monday, December 28, 2009

Let it be lo...

Why why why... why u tell me wor.. make me cant sleep... ><>.<" see la you.. make me 5am only sleep today...wuwu.. dun wanna think too much... just be the usual me lo.. LET IT BE lo.....

Cy came to my house today.. to teach me play piano.. "her most beautiful smile".. i was like so blur man.. i also dunno why... maybe coz so long didn play piano ady gua.. haha.. but anyway.. practice makes perfect.. i'm sure i can play the whole song if i practice hard.. :D [he wore the same jacket with me.. giordano white jacket.. haha..] and i cut my nail today coz wanna play piano.. but i also wanna cut d la.. so damn long d.. like ghost only.. haha..:)

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