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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singing in skype :D dunno what's wrong with him.. he is so in the mood to sing today.. oklo.. haha.. he called me in skype.. then keep sing and play his guitar.. with his sister.. as though as i'm not in the line.. haha.. well.. i'm ok with it... got ppl sin for me wor.. ma listen only lo.. not bad la.. hahaha... hmm.. another question mark came up in my mind today... when he sang the david tao.. dunno wat song.. the chorus start with "I...... LOVE YOU........." then oklo.. i know it.. then i ma write lo " I LOVE YOU...." then he wrote : "hehe...hope 1 day this is true de..." then i was like.. dunno what to reply d.. then just haha lo.. then he write again.. "ling ling.... i love you" lolx.. wat the.. i know he was just playing.. but then.. dunno why i felt so different... hmm.... then i said tq to him.. haha.. he said he was sad and abit dissapointed... coz he thought i will say back I LOVE YOU TOO... haha.. but i just couldn't say it.. hmm... there is sure got a part about miss A de.. she so tired today.. her favourite song la.. fine.. whatever la... u happy can d.. >.<" anyway.. thanks for singing so many song for me today.. manage to record few part.. blek.. =P made me smile for a moment though :)

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