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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Times square outing

Sharon suppose to start work today de... but then she received a sms.. said that she no nid to work today.. tmr only start.. means work two days nia.. haha.. then.. me, sharon and max.. went to Times Square lo... we do nothing there but just.. keep find shorts fro sharon.. coz she nid to wear it during work.. but she didn't bring enuf.. haha.. bo bian.. go buy lo.. go up.. down.. everywhere... finally bought a shorts.. but she didn test it.. coz cannot test.. dunno can wear or not also.. haha.. then we went to eat BBQ Plaza before going back... kakaka.. XD

Everyone too hungry liao.. forget to take pic.. manage to take this pic only.. hahahaa

Pass by.. then take again lo.. XD

take 2....

Times Square Xmas decoration ^^

wahh..... so big de tree oooooo....... ^^

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