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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twilight New Moon (7 Dec 2009)

After tired of working.. then we plan to go and watch movie at midvalley... since me and max are already at puchong.. so rong fetch sharon and straight come to meet us up at midvalley... befoere heading to midvalley.. me and max went to low yat.. wanna buy te RM55 pendrive.. =.="" jam damn kaolat... hmm.. when we reach midvalley.. i was totally not in mood.. then when sharon came.. and i saw her face expression.. black black like that.. i lagi no all of us didn't talk to each other.. no matter what max and rong try to cheer us up.. me and sharon still emo.. omg.. like war nia... >.<"" then suddenly sharon walk away... for a while.. dunno where she went... max and rong still eating.. then i beh tahan liao.. went to search for her.. then found her nearby cinema.. haihh.. talked to her finally.. at last.. four of us cheer up again.. luckily eveything is fine.. go back like normal.. phew... then we went to watch Twilight.....yeahh!!!!!! wanted to watch it very long d... wakakka... the cullens family really damn fair leh.. siao de.. hahaha... edward cullen.. oh yeah... handsome.. ^^ and... i dun like the warewolf leh... ish.. ka ka cau cau wan... >.<"" After movie then we went back lo.. rong send me and sharon home.. bb lo... XD

Midvalley Xmas decoration

ling ling and sharon ^^

max and rong rong.. =P

sharon in the car.. XD

u both thought u guys are really driving meh?? hahaha

four of us lo.. ^^

in the cage...hahaha

sharon ,max, ling and rong.. :)

ling and sharon love pose ^^

say cheese... ^^

super model meh??hahaha

sharon dear.. i know your mouth not enuf big for that fruit.. so dont force urself ya? =P

max and sharon XD

princess in the castle.. XD

hug hug ^^

no comment for this =.="

rong still can hold laptop.. =P

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