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Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a day :X

ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really feel wanna shout out loud.... >.<" very pek cek and kek sim.... hmm... the story is like this... yea.. its about "HIM" again.. well... before this.. sharon called him come our for steamboat... he said can't... coz he going to malacca.. then ok lo.. fine la.. then around 6pm he online.. facebook i meant.. he said just back home.. VERY TIRED... but night going out to play snooker with his friend.. well.. ok lo.. coz sharon didn't tell him the plan nicely also.. fine lo.. max, sharon and me went to restaurant Yuen to eat Steamboat buffet till 10pm plus.. sharon still wanna watch movie.. avatar full.. but she still wanna watch.. fine lo.. finally watch Treasure Hunter.. i called him.. ask whether he wanna come and join us or not.. you know what he said?? "dont't want la... i wanna go and find MISS A... " lol.. i was like.. WTH?!?!... fine la.. then.. my mood straight down.. sharon thought i bo song her summore.. but its actually not... hmm.. dont care much.. after movie.. i asked where is he and he said he was at home.. online.. fetch HER back already.. seems so happy huh?? hmm.. went back home.. suddenly he called me.. really in a good mood i guess... then we planned for our countdown celebration at Maison tmr... and yes indeed.. everything about this particular MISS A.. yea la.. she is the greatest.. the biggest.. the queen of all la.. when i told him bout cheryl..that she is following us.. he straight bo song.. kek sim.. keep say pek cek d.. yuan lai he is fetching that miss A also tmr.. WTH... i didn know that.. i thought u guys gonna meet at the club later or wat.. who knows....... hmm... haizz... you so bo song cheryl till like that meh... say untill like that wor... he even said tmr 4-5am only going back.. i gotta plan something for myself too.. if i'm really drinking tmr.. i can't go back with my condition like that.. OMG.. CONFORM GG.COM.. then he say sleep at his house.. lol.. are you serious or wat? >.<" i dunno la.. see tmr how lo...... you everything also depends on that MISS A de ma.. her decision and plan more important then all of us... really dunno what are you thinking.. @@

And oh ya.. at restaurant yuen time.. SHARON FORCED ME TO EAT VEGETABLES.... walao wei.... so big bowl sumore... in my whole entire life.. that's the most vegetables i had ever eaten... T.T but.. its ok la.. its my punishment ma.. she happy can ady lo.. wuwu... PEI LING EATING VEGETABLES.. miracle man... lolx... XOXO

prepare for me liao.. T_T

OMG... I have to finish this two bowls.. GG...

still can smile leh... hahaha...

the chicken.. manage to get 1 nia.. 1st trial.. lolx

sharon and her prawn :D

sharon see i eat vege she so happy leh.. T.T

tom yam vs ori soup or whatever it is.. haha

yum yummmmm XD

2nd trial.. manage to get more chicken :D

sharon-- chicken.. u are mine!!! =P

ice creammmmmm :D

eat finish liao lu.... ^^


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