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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Working at PC Fair (4-6 Dec 09)

It's my first time working.. really had no idea how will it be.. haha.. 3days.. 10am till 9pm.. RM90 per day.. not bad la.. can get RM270... haha.. for convenient.. i went to stay at Max's house for four nights lo.. I was quite afraid when i first reach his house because I'm gonna meet his family.. stay there somemore.. guy's house somemore.. =.=" bo bian la.. coz PC Fair at KLCC ma.. abo wan me go and back from Klang to KL meh everyday.. later deduct all the transport ar.. tol ar.. also same same nia lo.. Well.. Max'x house was.. err.. frankly.. it was quite messy.. and his room.. OMG.. i don't know how he can live there wan.. don't know how long didn't tidy up liao.. the bed sheet.. 3 months didn't change wan.. T__T but he got change la before i went there.. thank god.. haha.. About my work.. my booth leh... sell printer de lo.. and printer de ink... summore got glossy paper.. catridge ar.. everything which got related to printer de la.. hehe.. we got 30 minutes de break nia everyday..Since we don't have much time to eat.. we can only eat at the food court there lo... food was.. err.. no choice la.. have to eat also.. damn tired de lo.. coz we cannot sit de.. keep need to stand and give out the flyers.. then keep say "canon printer sir.. miss.. printer ink printer ink.. " lolx.. Sharon and hui rong came to visit us also... we so xin xin ku ku working.. they went to sakae sushi.. starbucks tan sai kai... T____T well.. overall i was glad.. because i manage to work for 3 days!!! hahaha... thanks to max coz intro this job to me.. had a experience and even made few new friends.. :D

on the way to KLCC.. saw this klinik.. for SHaron to see de.. ahaha

waiting for the person in charge to take name tag for us..

waited almost an hour lo.. ask us don't late but they ownself late.. =.="

ss a while after tired working.. XD

went to eat dinner.. haha

in car time.. =P

our booth

they are arranging stuffs... haha

take picture with sharon... yellow also de.. haha

eat eat eat

open your mouth....... XD

sharing is caring... =P

Ling ling and rong rong =P

ling ling and yin yin ^^

yin yin and max max XD

rong rong and yin yin.. ^^

rong rong and max max.. xD

four of us lo.. ^^

take 2-- cute pose.. =P

ss in max's room 1 =P

ss in max's room 2 =P

ss in max's room 3 =P

ss in max's room 4 =P

ss in max's room 5 =P

Max's room.. >.<""

my hand... bit by sharon... haha.. XP

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