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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Avatar 3D (5.10.2010)

Went to sunway pyramid today.. with ivan, chern yang, joyling, loo see and mc.. haha.. i wait at college then joyling came to fetch me after fetching cy and mc.. i was freezing cold in the pc lab.. working my pet in ffs while waiting for them.. lolx.. then.. we proceed to loo see's house.. pity her.. they keep suan her bout ivan.. haha.. but it was funny though.. :D Then next was that siao ivan.. haha.. when mc called him time.. i guess he just woke up.. lolx.. fine.. give him 30 minutes to get ready.. but when we reach his house time.. he haven't ready also.. so went inside to wait.. he was suprised to see me.. hahahaha... XDXD when he was preparing.. joyling and others were checking on his bag.. haha.. slipars.. shirt.. sweets.. apa pun ada.. all of us even took it to eat.. hahaha.. After done.. went to pandamaran eat mamak.. haha.. near ah ma house that shop lo.. went b4 de.. kaka.. i know there de roti canai very nice de.. last time close for a while then now re-open jor.. haha.. thanks to joyling for the treat.. total was.. RM19.80.. XD then we proceed to sunway lo.. bought our 4.15pm show..and that time was only 1pm sumting.. still got 3 more hour plus.. wat else.. go shopping and take pictures lo...hahaha.. but.. not really shop also la.. window shopping a lot la.. ivan and mc bought each a shirt for CNY only lo.. hehe.. nice nice.. both look nice with that shirt.. haha.. not to forget.. we took lots of pictures at fullhouse.. yea.. new open at sunway de.. well.. its the same with the one at niu zhe xui nia lo.. but this time we get to take picture in the car.. at niu zhe xui cannot wan lo.. haha.. now come to the movie part.. omg.. 1st time ever.. Pei Ling watch movie in cinema.. she fall asleep.. omg... WTH.. my 1st 3D movie also.. haiz.. so sien lo.. zzz.. summore that glasses make me even more sleepy lo.. when i take out feel much more better.. >.<" screw all those ppl say avatar very nice.. damn nice de.. all of us did sleep.. accept for cy.. salute him..ahahaha.. btw.. the ending part was better la.. fresh abit jor.. front part really speechless jor.. @@ After movie.. joyling send us back 1 by 1.. bless her.. haha.. i also slept in the car jor in the way sending me home time.. haha.. too tired d gua.. lolx.. and to Mr.Ivan.. i did not "liu kou sui" at your shirt also ok.. hahaha... At Facebook also.. me and sharon keep spam with ivan.. haha.. finally he gave up jor.. beh tahan ady then remove his post.. blek.. u where enuf we both fight de?? and anyway.. u still haven't tell who you miss lo... i guess that one you say no also la.. fast fast reveal... XD haha.. Well.. had another fun day with my so called "seniors" today.. ate only roti canai in the morning then stand till 9pm sumting..wahh.. not bad wor me.. go back straight cook e-mee lai eat.. luckily got food to eat.. if not sure hungry dou sei wan lo.. haha.. tmr start class jor.. sien lo.. wanna oioi jor.. bb.. zzzz......

colourful ling ling :D

siao lang ss-ing XD

fitting room crazyness... :)

two-by-two :D

loo see, joyling, pei ling

ming chang, chern yang, ivan ong~~cool.. lolx

noob noob.. XP

leng luissss.... :P

posing with Mr. Snow man :D

Posing with the Fulhouse car ^^

fullhouse logo??? =P

thanks mc!! :D

three of us again.. hahaha...

posing leh..... XD

in the cinema :)

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