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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emo =x

Went to college..was late for 10am FAS201 class.. waited a while at marketing..then cheryl and sharon came.. at last 3 of us made up our mind not to go for the class.. went to pc lab online for a while.. then ate our lunch at Igentis.. then followed cheryl to kajang to find jie fu.. on the high way.. suddenly police check.. say she drive over speed.. 93.. swt la.. kns de police.. then to keep his blady mouth shut.. cheryl gave him RM50.. @@ she also don't know what to do d.. almost cried out.. she can't kena saman lo..coz she still in P lisence.. later have to go court all that.. very ma fan.. her dad sure scold her kao kao lat wan lo.. haiz.. then with vincent's guide.. finally we reached his house.. but still have to wait for him coz he haven come back from Uniten yet.. we waited for quite long also.. >.<"" luckily he still got think of us.. ta pao SAU PAU for us.. haha.. then.. all of us went to Vincent's room.. cheryl start her ffs working pet thing.. followed by sharon with her country story.. while i lie down and watch the mall cop dvd..haha.. watched till half.. then its my turn to online.. then i never came back jor.. stick with the computer liao.. kaka.. doesnt matter la.. i got the movie in my laptop.. can watch anytime also.. hehe.. sharon beh tahan.. slept jor finally.. hahaha... i was lucky.. coz i manage to open my restaurant city leh..whahaha... update and decorate a bit.. then realise my country story also got 1000+ neighbours. if got time can man man go visit.. sure can get alot of fertilizer..hee.. XD
Then..around 7pm.. we went to eat at nearby restaurant.. went to bought sharon's dad birthday cake after that.. black forest flavour.. ^^ our jie fu, vincent so good lo.. he drive 1 car.. accompany us all the way to klang.. from kajang wor.. not near de lo.. >.<"" Haihh.. felt damn sleepy right now actually.. nite all.. =/

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