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Monday, January 11, 2010

Helping out at temple

Amitapha.... Sin choi sin choi... hahaa.. today, me,sharon,nic and zain went to help at rong's dad temple.. err.. not to say his dad's temple la.. i think his dad is 1 of the main person who contributes to that temple gua.. and it's the GRAND OPENING for the new temple at Taman Sentosa which nearby at my house area nia.. Since I got nothing to do also.. ma go there help help lo.. Somemore can watch performance.. pian lian summore.. haha.. i faster call papa come over.. coz he got sing pian lian wan ma.. So i ma fast fast call him come see lo.. hehee... Actually plan wanna drop by at my house a while de lo.. since Nic was there also.. thought wanna call him play piano at my house.. mana zai Sharon wanna go back liao.. SIGH!!! Already plan nicely wan lo.. but she wan go back.. zzz that time i damn angry lo.. all decision she make wan.. didn't think of other ppl de.. if like that.. better don't go lo in the first place.. I didn't force you to go also k.. Don't say I force u.. >.<" Haizz.. but.. suan la.. also over liao.. hmm..

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