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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love BABY.. ^^

Justnow I went to visit my aunt and my little new born cousin baby at klinik pakar wanita sheela.. its located at Taman Rashna.. after my class... err.. around 5pm like that.. gam gam see dao grab him ask him send me to clinic... haha.. coz.. no one else can send me go there d.. damn la.. rong didn enter account class.. skip class for the sake of snooker.. WTH!!!.. i thought u busy wat.. yuan lai busy playing snooker.. i tell u wat.. u wan do wat up to u la.. don't regret one day.. really hopeless.. i also really speechless liao.. >.<"" hmm.. forget it. back to my cousin.. omg.. he's.. yea.. its a HE... he's so damn cute lo.. body small small geh.. hehe.. jia yuan came as well.. cute little girl too.. love baby and little kid so much.. hmm.. how much i wish i could become BABY also.. got ppl sek sek.. hug hug and carry everyday... wan anything just CRY.. haha.. XD While waiting for mummy to come.. i watched tv in the waiting room.. plus.. i was watching KAL HO NAA HO movie in my laptop also..wakaka... err.. after mummy came.. see baby for a while.. then went to eat dinner.. with 3-yi zhang as well.. so happy coz i got another baby cousin lo.. hee.. ^^ During afternoon.. we had a meeting for clubs and society.. i represent ASA.. but.. seems nothing much event to do also la.. coz we are not really like other can just help out for any college's event lo.. and.. DAMN DAMN DAMN!! i ming ming got check email.. say OL125 class was canceled.. so.. me and sharon didn go for the class... KNS wan.. who knows really got class de.. T.T swt la... how can the coordinator send wrong information wan.. hmm.. and.. siao ivan... u cheat me again.. say TONIGHT TONIGHT.. somemore say so loud.. pian ren de u!!!! T__T waiting for my ffs pet to work finish actually now.. haha.. hmm.. off I go.. bb all.. ^^

so cute hor.. manage to take picture with him also.. hehe.. ^^

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