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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kueh ta pek + SS-ING xP

Giap giap giap... kakaka.. had a great experience of doing "KUEH TA PEK" today.. Kueh ta pek is one of chinese tradisional food.. The ingredients to make it are rice flour, eggs, sugar, and coconut milk!! Oh yeah... ahhaa.. for more info, please check this two link :D

So leh, for this year's CNY, my ah mah plan to make it as well.. So i went to help.. hehehe... Besides me, of course.. my cousins.. uncle and aunts did came by and help as well.. and for all the hardwork.. from 12pm to almost 5pm.. which is 5 hours.. we manage to produce 700 ++ pieces of kueh ta pek... for me.. that's a great job lo.. it's my first time making it too.. :D It's very hot.. and we have to sit whole day because we have to keep look an eye on it... it takes around 3 minutes like that.. then ok liao de.. All of us very satisfied.. ^^ Of course.. while doing.. we did take few pictures as well.. haha.. I will post few only lo at here.. for more pictures.. check it out at my cousin's profile lo.. ^^ :

this is KUEH TA PEK lo.. ^^

like lollipop hor? haha

amah taking more ingredient.. lolx

my uncle.. ^^

cousin who came by from Kapar to help.. ^^

amah.. muax.. ^^

everyone so focus doing but i busy taking picture.. =P

nah.. i got help wan lo.. XP


say cheese.. ^^ take a picture.. ^^

be-jie still can pose..hahaha

cheers :D

peace.. ^^

ah mah and cousins :)

our product.. =P


Then, went to 3-yi's house.. get to watch mummy help baby hao hao bath.. omg.. his body really damn small leh..when i hold his little feet.. so damn cute.. haha... Get to eat durian cake also.. mm... yummy.. =P and got 1 funny thing happen.. that siao yuan yuan.. dunno why so excited lo.. when i wanna take picture with her.. she love it so much..and so happy.. hahaha.. so we both ss lo.. then I this siao po also keep ss using DSLR camera... kakaka... XD Canon brand lai de lo.. not bad la.. design quite nice.. silver colour de.. hehe... XD really happy, tired, have fun, enjoy, gain a lot of experience today.. Now i know how hard last time my grandma them do the kueh ta pek liao.. haha.. xD

durian cake :D

yuan yuan so cute.. drinking water oo.. ^^

ss 1 XD

ss 2 XD

ss 3 XD

ss 4 XD

ss 5 XD

self posing.. hahaha.. XD

she write with left hand.. so cool man.. XD

take picture again =P

cute cute... ^^

see.. seems that she love to take picture also.. =P

hahaha.. cute cute.. hehe.. just 1 year plus leh.. ^^

me ss-ing.. lolx

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