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Friday, January 1, 2010

New year countdown @Maison

Whoaaaaaaaa....... I gotta feeling.... that tonite's gonna be a good good night!!!! XD
Maison roxx man... today is 31st of dec 2009.. the last day of year 2009... as usual.. of coz we have plan for our new year eve.. haha.. me, sharon, rong, cheryl and vincent.. well.. vincent brought his fren along.. tall.. quite good looking.. but he's scary when he's already HIGH.. haha.. abbie and her fren's did went there of coz.. well that's the main reason all of us go to maison actually.. it's rong's plan btw.. hmm.. well.. everything was cool.. dance was amazing.. surounding was awesome.. loud.. and high.. most important..there's a lot of leng zai and leng lui.. wahahaha.. sharon most good girl de lo that night.. she didn't even drink a single drops od alcohol.. can you believe that?? hahaha.. i gave COKE to her.. she also don't wanna drink lo.. walao a... lian me also you don't believe.. lolx.. but.. what she did was correct la actually... in that kind of condition.. we just have to trust ourselves.. we won't know if our own best friend would backstep us.. :D well.. three of us.. i think too high liao.... dance dance nevermind la.. play till FRENCH KISS with each other.. me and cheryl.. cheryl and sharon.. me and sharon.. haha.. siao liao.. kaka.. XD Got people fight somemore lo.. the guy straight kick another guy down from the stairs.. sot sot de.. we get high till around 3am something.. then went to nearby mamak to eat.. while waiting police to clear the place.. lolx.. then.. rong send abbie and amy back sin.. then only send sharon back.. me leh? sure no go back home de ma.. haha.. he also tired liao.. so he bring me to his house sin lo.. stay there for a night.. the next day only go back.. XD

ling and cheryl ss in the car.. XD

from left (chin leng, vincent, cheryl, pei ling, sharon) ^^

three leng lui.. XP

us again :D

another time.. =P

she pose nia.. didn't drink also de.. =P

this 1 pro de lo.. kao kao lat de.. haha.. XD

oppss.. =P

closer shot.. lolx..

ling and rong :D

cheryl and vincent.. =P

pei ling and cheryl.. ^^

pei ling and sharon :)

sharon and chin leng.. ^^

all of us.. =D

sharon and chin leng.. pull me together be light bulb.. =P

with xin weiiii ^^

cheryl came in... haha

abbie's friend and bf.. i forgot their name liaoo ..haha

abbie so happy.. hahaha...

around our table.. ^^

maison night :)
cool huh? XD

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