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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year with Hui Rong's family

Yesterday reach Rong's house around 5am plus.. after bath..change clothe.. we went to his grandma's room to sleep.. lol..he say cant sleep at his room coz scare will disturb his sister sleep.. i was thinking.. sleep only ma.. why will disturb dao leh? lolx.. but anything lo.. well.. both of us slept on the floor lo.. share share blanket.. so en ai.. wahaha.. chit chat for a while.. erm.. felt so close with him last night.. i could really listen to his very fast de heartbeat.. haha.. well.. i won't tell what we did.. but.. everything is still under control.. :D then we slept lo.. and we woke up at 3pm the next day.. get a chance to play his digital piano.. soft soft de o.. haha.. celine used to learn b4.. but she quit.. like me.. haiz... play play for a while.. then online also for a while only lo..manage to work not more then 10 pets.. T.T

Then his family wanna go one utama gai gai wor.. so i also follow lo.. borrowed a t-shirt from his sister.. kaka.. then all of us went to ONE U lo.. pity me lo.. have to wear that tall high heels that i wore to maison yesterday.. bo bian lo.. i didn bring anything to change also.. lolx.. well.. hang out with his family.. gave me a very warm and comfortable feelings.. i love the way they communicate with each other.. the way they tell jokes.. keep laugh and even when i see their parents holding hands.. i felt that it was so sweet.. coz i dont think my parents got hold hand also lo when go shopping time.. >.<"" Then we head on to KLUANG STATION to have our dinner.. not bad wor the food.. quite nice ^^ after that.. his dad straight drop me home first.. haha.. i felt so kangka lo.. i tot rong will fetch me home alone.. tot still can give him a goodbye kiss a.. but family there.. err.. wat to do wor.. haha.. talking bout kiss.. remind me when his parents were joking bout kissing competition.. and EX-GFsss of his dad.. lisa.. joanne.. janet.. haha.. it was fun though.. make me smile and laugh for a moment.. hmm.. well.. nex time still can hang out de lo.. celine was a great friend though.. bad hui rong.. go where play dont wanna bring her sister along.. pity her.. haha.. well.. will surely miss his family.. hmm.. :)

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  1. Sorrie about just now!
    I know I should not treat you likdat!
    I dunno will you saw this anot!
    But this is what I mean!
    Hope you understand!


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