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Monday, February 1, 2010

Shop for CNY :D

Finally... i went shopping for cny... hahaha... every year i would buy new clothes for CNY with family.. guess this year still the same.. haha.. Went to KP.. OMG la..everyday go there.. shopping also go there..haha.. but guess mummy like to buy clothes at there gua.. Z-gen.. Her friend works there wan ma.. old place.. lolx.. last time use to spend quite a lot at there also.. This time.. not bad also la.. Total was RM1400++ after deduct membership discount.. left RM1200 ++ phewww.... 15 items only leh... most of it are DRESSES.. (suitable for prom and clubbing) :D
Then at SUB.. papa bought 3 shirt.. hahaha.. lolx.. Then.. around 6.30pm like that.. done shopping.. proceed to centre.. haihh.. so damn hungry already.. summore go there.. but.. actually is go there eat... >.<" oklo.. wait mummy cook.. after eat.. went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi.. continue shopping.. clothes for my brother.. haha... My mum and sister find from him nia.. while i go to POPULAR and loiter.. haha.. papa leh.. he went to supermarket to shop for cny drinks.. ^^
then while mummy and jun find clothe for wei ren.. i went to popular.. so long didn go d.. haha.. after done all shopping.. i make a JUSCO membership card.. swt.. haha.. but sub from jun de lo..
after pick kakak up.. then back home lo.. really.. i don't feel tired also.. plus.. with my facebook.. make me more alive.. lolx.. continue with my facebook routine.. ffs.. byf.. cs.. cafe.. haha..
First time webcam with cy.. i mean cheng yong.. lolx.. too many cy liao.. hahaha... swt dao him.. assignment havent finish still can play msn and webcam... lolx.. then sifu NIC another wan.. he said he stay at rong's house.. i was like yea rite.. i don't believe.. coz his house seems no place for him to sleep also.. but then he straight open his web cam.. and rong is really beside him.. and they really at rong's house.. i was like.. WTH!! == fine.. Then msn with siao CK.. he got insomnia de.. another midnight ghost.. haha.. now only i know he got music background also.. but he plays guitar la.. he's house got piano, but no one play de... hahaha... ^^ not bad not bad.. then he dunno pichu.. wat la.. still nid me to teach him about pokemon... lame la u CK.. haha..
Another day had just over.. waiting for more CNY preparation.. haven't get my hair done.. blek.. =P

lots and lots of peanuts :D

3 boxes of 100 plus.. lol..

shandy and etc...


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