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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spam spam you Ivan!!! XOXO

Wahahaha... today siao wan.. i thought i lost my handphone.. T.T search all around the college.. almost cry out.. but I didn't la... finally.. found out that I didn't bring to college... hahahaha... swt dao a.... kakaka.. Hahahaha.. and poor IVAN ONG... today really kena spam kao kao lat... he just post a status only.. then me and cheryl.. keep spam spam spam.. cy, mc and few other ppl also took part.. =P all were spamming like nobody business... Cheryl somemore say wanna create a spamming group... she will be the president then.. =P Total 120 comments...i think his profile had never been that famous before.. scare nobody dare to comment at his profile liao.. because.. who ever who got comment.. after spamming.. his or her notifications and mail box sure will BURST wan.. hahaha... Take a look at his profile ba.. hope he haven;t delete it lo.. ^^

Ivan Ong Jian Hau yerrrr. stewwpud rain make me caught in pm for 30min and whole body wetz!!

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