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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spam time Ivan Ong xD

Perhaps today is my lucky day ba.. a lot of good things happen.. well.. maybe not a lot.. but at least I'm happy.. ^^ firstly... my cafe.. can work jor.. yeahh.. level 48.. keep going man.. gogogo.. ^^ 232 gifts waiting for me to click lo..haha.. man man click till i siao.. haha.. another thing is I had a conversation with sing how.. lolx.. after so long.. for me is nothing wan lo.. if u guys come talk with me.. i sure choi u all de ma.. i also don't know what's wrong.. why last time.. all of us.. 1 big group happy happy wan..can become like this.. why we can't become like our seniors.. i mean ivan and the gang.. all of them.. so nice.. i really really very very damn bloody jealous and envy of them lo.. haizz.. see all their outing and trip pictures.. so happy.. hmm.. why i say till here wan? lolx.. back to topic.. today keep spam status.. haha.. ivan ong.. u wanna play spam with me meh?? sure ma?? hahaha.... XD u can run.. but u can't hide.. ^^ ming ming is ur fault lo.. promise me de.. but didn fulfill it... >.<" say wan tell me story de.. till now haven tell also.. when i ask about it.. u say u didnt owe me anything.. argh... bad ivan!! >.<"" then leh.. bout fansign.. give u chance edit.. u dun wan la.. say snap better wor.. haha.. oklo.. but leh.. didn't give me also.. >.<"" gonna spam u kao kao lat today... =P

Finally.. i finish my genting blog today.. haha.. damn long liao lo.. nov de post.. now only publish... lame.. =.=" but nevermind la.. i post it for myself only lo.. coz nobody will read also de la.. haha.. havent work my pet.. T.T no more autowork!! gosh... i got 55 pets now.. click till siao lo... kezvin ar... when u wanna give me the new script?? ish ish ish... >.<""

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