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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The star education fair

As ASA holders... we have to participate in any event whether for HICT or organized by HICT?? What i trying to say was.. Today there's a Star Education Fair held at KlCC Convection centre today.. Then leh.. as told by Jonathan.. and Dennie.. they need our help to give our flyers.. Our aim for this time de edu fair was to promote our Foundation programme because the cost for 1 year foundation course was 5K only.. Yes.. 5K.. hahaha... The normal price was 10.8K de lo.. but if students sign up in between this two weeks for the Jan intake.. we will still accept them and will only cost 5K.. Why 5K? This is because due to the reason whereby our college will shift to HICT soon, it will be the last year for HICT to be in Klang.. So it is just an appreciation to Klang community... Just like ASA scholarship which i got, it is also one of the community scholarship.

So leh.. I went to helped lo.. not bad la.. give out flyers and bring parents and students who were interested to counselor only ma.. somemore got FREE FOOD to eat at MBA (Malaysian Baking Academy) booth.. :D and the cookies..cakes.. all damn cute.. pretty andDIVA-LICIOUS wan lo.. hahaha... ^^ Work whole day.. got free MCD lunch to eat... not bad d la... hahaha... Met Charmine there.. she say she might change college... owh... how sad.. :( Hmm.. but see her lo.. she have to choose what's best for her ma.. ^^ Helped at this fair.. tired.. but gain experience.. :)

bz sms-ing instead of working.. opps.. =P

siva jealous coz mathew flirt with another girl.. =P
sharon and the koala bear man :D

ling ling and the koala bear man :D

ling and sam :)

eat eat.. delicious :D

see.. nice and cute leh?? hahaha

view of other booths :D

dunno what course to do?? this is the booth u looking for :D

going back time.. siao mathew.. hahaha

all tired liao.. sleeping in the car... hahaha

dunno who de.. smelly socks.. lolx..

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