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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stupid day :X

Hmm... moody pei ling... emo liao... T.T don't know what happen today.. stupid me... see la.. so easily trust other ppl.. kena cheat liao lo.. i bought one 800m pet.. the owner ask to buy de.. i tot he really wanna max her.. that's why i bought it.. kns.. scammer lai de.. kena tipu liao la.. my 800m a..........T_____T then icant see my cash so poor wan lo...summore i don't buy GIRLS.. == then used baby's account max her.. omg.. his account so poor jor.. waaa... wanna cry ady.. then leh.. got another stupid.. also same with me.. dunno why so gam wan.. that hui rong a!!! he go buy wrong pet.. buy a 800m pet also...walaowei a... i help you earn not easy wan lo.. don't know need to raise how many pet u only can have 900m.. i know i'm not that pro like others.. but.. at least i'm still helping u to earn.. but.. ONE CLICK nia.. 800m gone jor.. !! sien liao lo like this... tomorrow still wan go visit new campus... better get to bed sin.. zzzzz....

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